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Hey curvy girls all over the world,
A few months ago I had the opportunity to interview Jaynee Berkman, the president of  inclusive brand Adrianna Papell.  Adrianna Papell makes dashing dresses for both straight and plus sizes. They are amongst very few brands who actually believe in the phrase, style for women of all sizes. I'm always intrigued by brands who design for both plus and misses and often want to pick the designer(s) brain about why they decided to do it and how they manage to do it successfully. It also gives YOU the shopper a chance to see what brands are thinking about when they are designing for your curves.

Although Adrianna Papell is a sister brand to their other line Aidan Mattox they do have their own aesthetic. They create evening dresses that are equal parts glamorous and sophisticated. Celebrities ranging from Amber Riley to Jill Scott have been spotted rocking  their dresses, which basically means they have something for every age. Their dresses are not for the edgy. Adrianna Papell dresses have an elegant yet playful ambiance to them. Over the past year they've also incorporated everyday dresses that can take you to the office as well as to weekend events.
You can find a number of their dresses at Nordstrom or Macys. Also checkout their website at

Now, checkout my interview with Adrianna Papell president  Jaynee Berkman:

SC: Who is the Adrianna Papell Woman?
AP: She is stylish, sophisticated and confident.

SC: What made the brand start designing for plus sizes?
AP: Many of our evening gowns are used for special occasions—from bridesmaids to the Mother of the Bride. We wanted to celebrate women of all shapes and sizes, while they mark these important celebrations in their own lives.

SC: Do you face challenges when it comes to designing for the plus size woman, if so, what are they?
AP: We have been designing for plus size women for so long, that I can say we finally have it down to a science. However, when we first started, it was important to focus on which curves women want accentuate—and which to avoid.

SC: Will the brand ever expand the collections from just dresses to sportswear?
AP: We have expanded into new areas of fashion that we thought we’d never enter into, such as the Hailey Logan collection—which is targeted for the tween/teen, bar mitzvah/prom customer. So even though sportswear is not on our immediate horizon, who knows where the market will lead us? There is always a possibility.

SC: Which plus size celebrity would you like to see wearing your clothes?
AP: Christina Hendricks. Women across the board—regardless of size—agree that she is a sexy woman with signature style.

SC: What was the inspiration behind your summer/spring collection and what can we expect for Fall?
AP: Summer is cool and sophisticated. Lighter fabrics, colors and cuts that work with the warmer weather. Fall is rich, vibrant—both in color and fabrics. Deep purples, burgundies—everything reminiscent of the darkening sky and changing leaves.

SC: Plus size model Fluvia Lacerda recently wrote a blog post stating that curves are not meant to be hidden and she's not interested in dressing her body to look smaller. When it comes to designing for the plus size body do you think the brand is creating styles that help women embrace their bodies oppose to looking for ways to make it look smaller?
AP: Adrianna Papell most definitely designs with the intention to flatter, and not minimize, curves. We choose patterns and fabrics that hug all of the curves that women want to reveal—and hide the ones they don’t.

SC: I do notice that some of your misses styles are youthful yet sophisticated. I don't always feel that your plus size line gets the same youthful styles. Are both the misses and plus size lines being created with the same inspiration or do you think that plus size women wouldn't receive everything from the misses collection well?
AP: We create both collections with the same type of fashionable customer in mind.

SC: Who was your favorite celebrity wearing one of your dresses? There are too many to name! We love AP: Kirstie Alley because she is a woman with curves who knows how to work them! Young, up & coming actresses, including (Holland Roden (from MTV’s Teen Wolf), Annie Ilonzeh (from the new Charlie’s Angel’s), Brea Grant (Dexter) and Sara Paxton help us to reach out to a new customer. While Kathie Lee Gifford is a fan, and an icon for our 50+ crowd.

Here are a few dresses from them available at Nordstroms



Style4Curves said...

Great interview. I have several dresses from this line and they fit amazing!!!

Mz More said...

I have a dress from this line and it is one of my favorites!

Anusha said...

I adore this line! I'm always stalking the dresses on to go on sale. :o)

Stavros Jones said...

curves are natural and how women are supposed to look. The skinny boy look for woman is just not right.

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