Monday, October 31, 2011


Hey curvy girls all over the world,
The snakeskin print is a major trend this season. It seems like leopard has taken a backseat to the print. I was definitely intrigued by snakeskin this season and found myself purchasing two items with the print. One is a Michael Kors snakeskin print skirt and the other is this H&M dress.
 I finally had a chance to wear the dress last week to the Eloquii event and I wore it again this weekend. Let me just say that this dress definitely had the girls dangling. I had to wear a demi bra with it just to keep them in check.I also had safety pins on hand just in case the girls got unruly. Since the snakeskin print is a bold print I received a couple of looks that ended with smiles and even a few people saying cute dress.
Now, I would be lying if I didn't say that same people gave the dress a once over and  kept it moving. I get it. The snakeskin print is not for everyone. However I liked it and that's all that matters. I decided to pick up the dark brown in the dress by wearing my old knee high belted leather boots from Steve Madden.
I got these boots about 5 years ago and they are still in good condition. Might I also add that they are pretty comfy too. My trench served as a neutral back drop for the dress and I accessorized with my heart choker from Forever21 and these chandelier earrings that I stole from my mom. They have a vintage look to them, which drew me to put them in my suitcase after my last Maryland visit to see her.

Are you guys into snakeskin prints?


NikStar said...

Can I just say first off, that I love it when you smile in pictures! You are just adorable when we catch that candid smile. :)

And I like the snake skin print, not sure if I'd wear it. I'm afraid of prints. I just got into animal prints and you guys are switching it up on me! lol

asha said...

you made me love this dress even more. like i said before, i wasn't sure if i could fit it so i didn't even bother try t on but you've given me hope. besides the dress, i love the simplicity of your styling.

Style4Curves said...

I am in love with snakeskin prints and u def rocked this dress!!!

betty boop said...

omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fab dress u look stunning

Bajan Beauty said...

You look great! I was looking for that same dress at H&M but they didn't have it in my size =( You look great, snakeskin is a great change from the leopard that is everywhere.

Niki Cheapskate said...

that dress looks great on you, alyssa! i want that dress so bad, but the nearest h&M is 2 hours away....

Style & Poise said...

You look the way you styled this dress!


The Notorious ZAG said...

Move your body like a snake, ma! Soo hot! Ladies, I am a size 24 and can fit things in H&M, so don't write them off!!
This dress is off the chain. You accessorized perfectly, and you look amazing. I would love to see this done with a color pop, perhaps coral? I might just have to go see if I can shimmy my stuff into one of these. Fabulous!!

Tammie said...

After seeing this post, I can DEFINATELY get into snake skin!
I've always wanted some pumps in the print myself.

Chic And Curvy said...

Very Pretty Alissa! I love prints and really like the snakeskin print trend.

Naja Diamond said...

Lovely look doll!! You look amazing!!

Miss Ellis said...

Wow! I love this dress. I'm really into snakeskin but I haven't found any pieces that I would like to wear as of yet. Thanks for showing! :)

Full Figured Diva said...

I absolutely LOVE that dress...and those boots are pretty FAB!


Savonne said...

Thanks Ladies!

PlusMoreDaily said...

I was looking into buying this dress from the UK online store however when I went into the store and I saw it I didn't really like it. It looks great on you though! I might have to reconsider...

Anusha said...

OMG I looooooooooove it!!!! You look like a a 1970s film star!! I think this is one of my all-time favorite looks you've worn ... I love everything! Especially snake print. I'm crazy about snake print! Looks fab-u-lous on you!

Vivi said...

FANTASTIC LOOK! From head to toe. Wow.

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