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Hey curvy girls all over the world,
Growing out a short hair cut can be quite cumbersome. I was forewarned by a few of my friends that it is an ugly phase and they were not lying. If you've been following me since 2009 then you know the many hairstyles I've gone through with the short hair. While I enjoyed the short cut I began missing the long hair that used reach the middle of my back.  So, at the beginning of 2011 I decided to grow my hair out. By June of 2011 my hair finally reached chin length and I got it cut and styled into a bob, which I've been rocking up until now.

As the new year rolled in I was thinking  about what I wanted my look to be for the new year.  I flipped through numerous issues of Hype Hair and Black Hair magazines to see if any styles inspired me or made my eyebrow raise. My natural hair was too short for man of the styles I liked, so I decided to add a few pieces to get a layered curl look that caught my eye.

I asked around to find out where I could get quality 100% human hair from. A few people pointed me into the direction of Indique Hair Boutique. Indique Hair has been worn by a few of the cast members on VH1's Love & Hip Hop as well as a slew of celebrities like Vanessa Simmons, Cassie, and Laurianne Gibson. Most recently, Indique hair was used in collaboration with Monif C. for the release of Indique;s perfect 10 collection and Monif C's holiday collection photoshoot.

I headed down to their hair studio in Soho on Elisabeth street to see what they had to offer.
The quaint studio was filled with hair pieces that ranged from a number of hair textures and came in lengths from 10 inches to 24inches. They even had clip in hair for do it yourself hair projects. I loved that they also sold a pink polish from Ginger & Liz.

The sales girl was so wonderful in helping me pick out the right color and length for the look I was going for.
 Indique hair is 100% human Indian Remy hair that is handpicked for quality. If you've seen Chris Rock's Good Hair, Bad Hair movie, then you know what I mean by 100% Indian hair. Unlike some of the human hair that comes in a pack, Indique's hair is not processed or altered in any way. I was also surprised to find out that they're the only hair company that gets their hair straight from India.

Their hair does not shed and is tangle free. They are so confident in their product that they even have a policy that allows you to bring the hair back (not for a refund) if it sheds and replace it. They had just about every hair texture from curly to straight to wavy and their natural hair colors easily blended in with your hair. I opted for the Pure straight machine wefted hair in a 14 inch which was more like a 16 in length.  The hair was soft and silky. The sales girl rung me up, I left with a big smile and headed to my stylist.

My stylist relaxed and conditioned my natural hair and then sewed in a few pieces from Indique's hair. At the end of it all, I came out with a hair style that made me feel and look great.

For more information about Indique hair checkout their awesome website at


LadyEboDiva said...

Indique is the've been using them since 2010. You will not be disappointed!!

Giselle Santos said...

your hair looks great!!!

Ashley Mag said...

CUUUUTE! Love this look on you :)

Suburban Sweetheart said...

Looks gorgeous!

Sweet Simplicity said...

Your hair looks great! So beautiful!

Style4Curves said...


Soigne1908 said...

Beautiful. I think I have to consider investing in this Indique. Chrissy on L&HH looks wonderful with hers.

Mz. More said...

Love the new look!

Kimberly said...

Super cute, A!

Tammie said...

You look beautiful!

melissa said...

luv it

I wanna be fierce said...

You look great. I love the new look.

-Shakiyla said...

i love the hair it totally fits you great. i am going threw a short hair growing out process myself. i opted for bobbi boss soul wave and so far so good!

Nicole said...

i want to buy all those hair lol :)

赵伟 said...

wow,your hair is beautiful!You looks so good!Thanks for the sharing!

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