Monday, January 30, 2012


Hey curvy girls all over the world,
Just wanted to share with you some new purchases. Spring is truly on my mind. The sad part is that winter has only just begun. While window shopping last week, I found this super cute belted sleeveless trench. I had been looking for one since this past summer. You know how the saying goes. You will find what you're looking for when you aren't searching for it. I was so happy that I spotted it and snatched it up quickly. You won't believe that I spotted this baby at Old Navy. They have really reeled me in as a consumer. You can purchase it online HERE

 I also took a tour into Forever21 to find some cute accessories and this aqua blue beaded necklace caught my eye. I think it would look great up against a collard shirt or color blocked with a cute little dress. You can see a similar one HERE

My other purchases was this denim distressed vest I found at Forever21. Once again, I had been dying for a denim vest since the summer but they were always sold out in my size. You know the trendy stuff is always likely to be sold out in plus sizes.When I saw it online I jumped at it immediately. Get a similar one HERE. I also purchased a pair of blue suede sandals from Piperlime's Lime Tag sale. They are by Vince Camuto and I seriously was eyeing them since the beginning of fall and knew that they would go on sale so, I waited and they did. You can get them HERE

The second pair of shoes were the shoes I won from Bakers Shoeternity site. You post your look and a team votes if your look was the best of all submissions for the week. I was so glad I won. I submitted the striped skirt outfit seen HERE. I chose the suede color blocked Milo pumps from their website and they are so pretty in person. The photo does no justice. You can see them HERE


Inez said...

Love your finds! I can't wait to receive my Look of the Week shoes, I was so excited to win! :)

PNP Blog Boutique said...

Love the blue shoes!! Cant wait to see how u rock them :)

Collections said...

Love those blue shoes and that cargo vest!


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