Monday, February 27, 2012


Hey curvy girls all over the world,
Like many, I spent my Sunday evening watching the 84th annual Academy Awards aka The Oscars. This year was extra special for me because some of my favorite actresses were nominated and two of them happened to be plus size women and one came out a winner. In true award show fashion, let's recap which curvy/plus size celebrity worked the carpet and which ones should have gone back to the drawing board.

Yes, Octavia Spencer rocked it in this beaded gathered waist gown by Tadashi Shoji. The color and the beading was just perfect for her skin tone. It looks like it was custom made for her body. With the exception of the hair, she looked FABULOUS. I knew she was a winner.

Next up was nominee Melissa McCarthy who wore a Marina Rinaldi Grecian draped chiffon gown. I'm a little on the fence with the color and her skin tone. What do you guys think?

OK! The color of Sherri Shepherd's dress is beautiful but everything else is all wrong. The exposed bra is what take away from the beautiful detailing of the dress.

No she's not plus size but one of our favorite curvy girls Jennifer Lopez stuns in an all white cut out sleeve and deep V gown. A number of commentators were on the fence about the sleeves but I thought it was a different look for J. Lo. and it worked well. What do you think?

Weigh in, who was your favorite?


JeansMustFit said...

Ok first off, Someone should talk to Sherri Shepherd's stylist. What was that? Octavia Spencer and Melissa McCarthy looked fantastic. Jennifer Lopez killed it in that dress!! She looked gorgeous

Shainna Tucker said...

i love Melissa's dress simply because it was something other than long sleeve, black or some other dark color. I loved the color on her. i thought it was perfect for her. and as for Octavia Spencer, she needs no words. she was just so stunning!


Nicthommi said...

Melissa McCarthy's dress was closer but still no cigar.

The sleeves were clearly not originally part of the dress, so if she preferred them they could have made something better than that. Having the dress cinched in was much better than the previous dresses she's worn.

She's clearly petite, short but thick waisted, so I don't know the trick for dressing her frame but it's out there, and the people dressing her should know it. Maybe that dress would have been a win with some better sleeves, but it was still a bit too much fabric on the bottom. Someone needs to get on that b/c she is an attractive and talented lady who deserves a LOT more.

J.Lo looked like she raided the costumer closet for Dynasty, and I think Linda Evans already wore that dress in 1986.

Sherri's dress would have been a win if not for the bra. She has a hard to fit shape as well, b/c her is widest across the top and then has very small legs and hips. So I think I also would have made the bottom looser b/c I think showing the contrast if her top and bottom does no favors, but it was still pretty good.

Octavia is petite and plus-sized but still an hourglass and I'm glad they finally put her in dresses that show that she has an actual waistline. I still find that dress to be a little old compared to what other women in Hollywood who are OLDER than her wear. And I don't like the hair but I think one limiting factor is that she seems to be the rare black woman in Hollywood wearing her own hair. Just seeing it down and in pictures it looks like that might be the case, and that also might be why the hairstyles are limited, b/c too much and her nice hair is GONE.

One thing I like, and that I don't think is mentioned, is that these three photos show that us that yes, ladies over size 12 do not have the same shape and the same style challenges, and these 3 women illustrate that QUITE well.

Thick Threads said...

octavia spencer look amazing in that dress! so glamorous and i have to say that melissa looke so amazing aswell! i lovedddd her dress with the flowin sleeves.

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GFS said...

Melissa McCarthy's dress...Sigh

Sherri Shepard's dress...double sigh

J. Lo's white dress cute but did you see the second dress that she wore to the party later that night??? Banging!

Vivi said...

My favorite, hands down, is Octavia Spencer. She is my pick for Look of the Night.

curviebirdie said...

Ithink Melissa Mccarthy's dress was gorge. I love the rose color and the bedazzled blink on the waist and neck. I think its a winner.

Now Sherry needs either a better stylist or a breast reduction. Her boobs makes her look much larger than she is!

Leianess said...

What was Sherri Shepherd's stylist thinking... that dress did not flatter her shape at all... AND ExPOSED BRA??? She wasn't attending a Trey Songz concert... It was not her best, but my FAV was Octavia..She looked absolutely BEAUTIFUL in that down... JLO looked like JLO... and Melissa (shrugged shoulders) she looked BLAH... the dress would have been great in intense color or a darker neutral..

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