Monday, March 26, 2012


Hey curvy girls all over the world,
It has finally happened. You can now get your Monif C. fix at Nordstrom's. Yes! Monif C. is a house hold name amongst plus size women. Her signature jersey Marilyn convertible dresses have kept her in business for over 6 years and her business savvy has gotten her featured in Crains, Essence, Black Enterprise, and a host of other magazines.

Being sold in department stores is the dream of countless independent designers and I am glad that this is happening for Monif C.  Monif C. will be part of Nordtrom's Encore department which is the place to go for plus size contemporary styles. Currently the website is carrying two the convertible dresses at price from $215-$235. The site also includes a signature Monif C. instructional video on the myriad of ways to tie the convertible.

Be sure to follow Monif C.  on Twitter and Facebook to send your congrats.

Below is what's available at Nordstrom's


Natasha said...

Nice to know, i've never bought anything from her line, it seems expensive, do u like it?

Anonymous said...

her clothes is freaking awesome!! full figure women is fully embraced!!

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