Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Hey curvy girls all over the world,
This week H&M released their swim lookbook entitled "At The Poolside" which features plus size model Tara Lynn.

With the re-release of their H&M plus line receiving less than stellar reviews the new lookbook does inject a little hope in a plus size collection that is not watered down but offers the same trends their main line offers.

Enlisting the help of plus size model Tara Lynn (again) is a continued step in the right direction.  While the majority of pieces in the lookbook are black, there are small doses of color mixed in. Also, this time around we see a few more fashion pieces like a pair of polka dot shorts and a bikini.Tara Lynn looks beautiful as usual and showcases the clothes in a sexy and girlish way. We can only hope to see the H&M + collection evolve into what we see in the main line and better.

Checkout a few looks and tell SC what you think:


High Heels & Good Meals! said...

I love H&M so much! These outfits are so complimentary for her shape!

Vivi said...

H&M can do a much better job for their plus size line. Geez. With that being said, the polka dot shorts and the purple one piece swimsuit are cute.

Anonymous said...

Man can I just get the plus size line in my H&M in the first place! I live in Kansas City and we just got an H&M finally, but the store never has size Large in stock.

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