Thursday, April 12, 2012


Hey curvy girls all over the world,
I know I've been slacking on the blog posts lately but I am hoping to be back on track with SC's regular features but kicking off this Thursday is Stylish Curves of the day Crystal Chanel. When it comes to embracing her curves, here's what she has to say:

Every since I was a little girl, I was always more pleasantly plump than the next girl.
 I use to associate being larger as a negative but as I grew older and accepted my body, I was able to embrace the very same curves that made me stick out from the crowd. 

The most important thing to me became finding comfort and confidence.  I found both through flattering clothes and SHAPEWEAR!

  Once I embraced my body and learned how to dress my figure I became confident.  Now I blog with hopes of spreading self love one post at a time and want all big girls to know you are beautiful:)

Ok Crystal! I see you have a nice assortment of body con dresses and you're definitely working them too. I'm loving the color block skirt and that red and white outfit.

Crystal also has a blog. Check it out at

What do you think of Crystal's style?

If you would like to be featured as Stylish Curves of the day send in 6 full length photos of your best style photos along with a blurb about how you embrace your curves and where you are from to


kameleondadiva said...

I think she looks amazing! Would love to know where she shops. I have trouble finding outfits, because of my ” interesting” shape.

ari said...

Love her and love her blog!

Blane said...

I see what she's going for, but she really really needs to go up a size in almost every outfit. A lot of her clothing looks like it is bursting at the seams.
She has great legs.

Maria said...

she looks amazing, vibrant colours, bodycon styling, and an air of confidence and self-assurance, fabulous x

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous lady everything looks great!!

LA Lynn's said...

Great feature!!!!! Her style is beautiful as she is!!!!

Fredetta said...

i love her blog...great feature!

Anonymous said...

Crystal my beautiful niece.....girl u are doing a great thing here on your blog.....u look smashing......I'm so proud of u girl doing your thing.....i also know your mom very proud too....we love u very much keep up the bloggin girl ...

Ms. Ellis of said...

I am LOVING her style. Definitely followed her blog.

Ashley Mag said...

Loving the two blazer looks! Its inspiring to see a curvy gal rock trends usually associated with the "skinner crew" with such style and CONFIDENCE! Adding you to my blogroll Crystal :)

*** *

Fashion~Junkie said...

Love her and love her blog!!! Go Girl

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