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Hey curvy girls all over the world,
Getting dressed for work doesn't have to be a snooze. Times are changing and the stuffy super conservative look is no longer in style. Leave the bland boxy suits back in the 80's. In today's working world company's are easing up on their choke hold when it comes to how women should dress for the office. I personally believe the change has to do with more female CEO's and female top level executives. These women not only read The New York Times and Wall Street Journal but, they are also skimming the pages of Vogue and Elle magazine as well. They want to look professional without sacrificing style.

 Creating a professional and fashionable wardrobe is all about selecting the right pieces. Every season there are new trends and working girls like you and I want to include some of them at the office. The office is where we spend at least 8 hours of our day, so why not make it fun by incorporating runway trends.

Below we've compiled three hot trends that will keep you looking professional yet fashionable. Who knows, spicing up your office attire could land you a new client or make you the new lead on the next big project.


Everyone is under the colorblocking spell. It's the easiest trend to pull off at work.

Tips For Pulling It Off At The Office
-Don't go colorblocking over board. Try the trend by mixing two colors leave the multiple color mixing for the weekend.
-Utilize separates to create your own colorblock looks. Pair a colored top with a basic neutral bottom like black and beige.
-Try a colorblock dress to make getting dressed in the mornings easy. 


Peplum is one of my personal fave trends and is beyond appropriate for the office. It's feminine yet sophisticated.

Tips For Pulling It Off At The Office
-Wear a peplum top with a pair of trousers for a no brainer put together look
-Tuck a classic shell into a peplum skirt
-Use a skinny belt when wearing a peplum dress to define your waist

Colored Pants

Colored pants are probably in the top 5 of major 2012 spring trends. I know most plus size women are afraid of color on the bottom but when done right, it can actually slim your frame.

Tips For Pulling It Off At The Office
-Keep it simple silly. If you're going to do a colored pant at work keep everything else simple.
-Wear colored pants with a blazer, cardigan, or plain woven shirt like a button up for a pulled together look.
-Make sure your colored pants have a tailored fit. Colored bottoms do not look good when they're too tight or too big.

Three easy breezy colored pant looks perfect for the office

We hope we made getting dressed for work a little more easier and stylish.

Tell us, what trends have you worn to the office?


D.R. said...

I love posts like this gets me excited for when I join the workforce

Shade' Morrison said...

Great post and good ideas!

Maymayz said...

Great info & ideas!

Leianess said...

Where is that black blazer from?

grownandcurvywoman said...

Ive definately embraced the color pants trend for work. I regularly wear my colored trousers with pretty printed blouses and colorful blazers. Dressing for work doesnt have to be boring!

A FloWill Production said...

Where is that polka dot blouse from? I just purchased those red pants from Avenue for a steal! awesome post!

Miss T said...

Thank you for posting these pants. Was looking for pants today on another site and couldn't make myself pay. Then saw the Avenue pants in 3 colors and got all three for the price I would've paid for one pair. Thanks again!

Jenny Holzer said...

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Style Store said...

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