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Hey curvy girls all over the world,
It's hard enough finding fashionable and quality clothes in plus sizes, but if you're petite the search is even harder. Petites are one of the most under-served markets in the fashion industry right along with Tall.

Being plus size and falling into either one of those categories can drive you a little insane when searching for clothes. When it comes to shopping for petites the focus is on proportions. It is not about being small in weight. Very few brands carry petite and almost none carry petite in plus.

So, to my surprise while doing a little Internet window shopping, I came across a plus size petite section at Talbots. Now, Talbots is not the hot spot for trendy or fashion forward clothes, but, they do a pretty darn good job with equipping you with classic well made clothes that fit and flatter your body without demolishing your budget.
I cruised the site to see what the petite plus size section offers. The petite plus section offers a bevy of trousers, suiting, casual pants, cardigans, skirts, knits, and blouses all cut with a petite plus size woman in mind. The collection goes from 12WP-22WP. Currently there are no dresses available but there is a nice assortment of skirts from pencil skirts to full, and a-line skirts.

Our only problem with the collection is that they used tall models to show the collection. I don't recall Marquita Pring being considered a petite model. Didn't Tyra do a whole ANTM cycle for petite models? I know they're out there, maybe it would be a little helpful to the shopper if they saw a petite model around their height modelling the clothes. No?

You can checkout Talbots to see more of the petite plus size section. You can also get 30% off full priced items.

What do you think about Talbots adding petite plus?






Petite said...

Hi Alissa,

It's great not to have to surf all over the web to find our special sizes.

Thank you for sharing with us this collection of Talbots. I like the colors.

I read somewhere on the web that Dorothy Perkins, UK store has some great dresses for petites too and hat they have free shipping.

You can also check this Petite Plus Size resource for more petite plus size stores.

Thank you.


Jenny said...

Love the second pants. They are so cool;-)

Gina said...

I have been shopping at Talbots for about 15 years. The WP sizing has been around for a while. It is not new. It appears they are doing a better job of promoting their plus size line. Honestly Im 5'2 and the WP pants are not often long enough for me with heels and I end up buying the W and having it tailored. YMMV.

But I love Talbots; represents about 80% of my clothing.

Alissa said...

@Gina- I am not a frequent Talbots shopper so I did not know that they've always had a petite plus size section. As you stated it was not advertised. So, when I came across it, I wanted to share it with my plus size petite readers.

Thanks for your feedback on the fit. I know my readers will appreciate it.

under fashion arrest said...

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Old Jail Artist said...

I've been wearing Talbot's WP sizes for years. Most of my career clothes came from Talbots. I fell out of love with their clothes a couple of years ago, but their spring catalog got me excited again.

Albie G said...

Love Talbots Petite Plus. Have been buying for years now. Didn't know of any other brand who did the petite plus size. It is almost impossible to get a good fit if you are short and "curvy".

Looking for the Bright Side said...


I've worn Talbots since the Ice Age, but when I moved into plus sizes they were a God Send as they have saved me thousands of dollars on tailoring.

I love that if they have all of their selections across all sizes. You are correct, you won't find a great deal of edgy, but you will find the classic, well-made basics that you can edge up with more inexpensive brands. You'll likely get sick of their things before they wear out.

For those who need a professional wardrobe and are curvy and petite, you will find it at Talbots. I haven't attended a Board meeting in years where I wasn't wearing something from Talbots.

Great sales and rewards program also.

Julez said...

I too, LOVE Talbot's clothing. I have to disagree with the fact stated about not having trendy or fashion forward clothes-- kudos to the lady who said the spring catalog got her excited again. Have you seen their spring catalog lately?!?! SUPER CUTE. Plus, they've been around since 1947-- great customer service, all-around catering to women of ALL sizes with excellent classic and time-less pieces that above all- are SUPERIOR QUALITY.. Talbot's is where it is at!! Two thumbs way up, is my vote.

Julez said...

p.s did I mention Michelle Obama has been seen in Talbots?!

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