Thursday, May 31, 2012


Hey curvy girls all over the world,
Some of the biggest celebrities in the world have made Tadashi Shoji, the king of draping and ruching they're go to designer when it comes to red carpet events. No matter their size, plus and straight size women all flock to the designer when they want a sexy, sophisticated, flattering look. I've written about Tadashi Shoji designs numerous times and one thing that always sticks out to me with his designs is that he never ever sacrifices style just to make something look flattering and just about everything he makes in straight sizes also comes in plus.

Yesterday, I received an email from the brand sharing with me their new e-commerce site that is specifically for plus size women. Normally you can find Tadashi's designs at Nordstrom's, Saks, and Bloomingdales, so, I think it's wonderful that we now have our own little site to shop.  They even used a curvy model to show off the looks.

The site hosts classic draped and ruched Tadashi gowns as well as chic little cocktail dresses in rich hues and metallic fabrics. It also displays picks of celebrities who have worn the exact style on the red carpet. Octavia Spencer has been a great celeb model for the brand. Remember her Academy Awards dress? It was beyond beautiful.

The site is an extension of the main Tadashi Shoji shop. It offers sizes 14Q-24Q and 1X-3X. In case you were wondering the Q is for Queen Sizes. Kind of sounds like you're ordering a mattress right? Uh, let me get a 22 Queen. No, seriously, Tadashi is all for plus sizes and when they use the word Queen, they say, "Elegant style fit for a queen."

The bevy of dashing dresses will definitely help you to look magnificent for your next event.

You can checkout the site at Tadashi Shoji Plus Size Evening Shop

Also follow Tadashi Shoji on Twitter and Facebook

What do you think about the new site?


The Dumpy Duchess said...

ooohh! what gorgeous dresses!

Ticka said...

I'm in love with that last black one!

Vivi said...

Um, yeah, the first dress has my name written ALL OVER IT.

Myah said...

The first black one is crazy cute! Thanks for featuring this shop.

Karen W. said...

I'm really glad too see this - more and more department stores are cutting their plus size departments to next to nothing if not doing away with all together (Thanks, Saks) so I'd much rather support the designer who supports plus sizes directly. More $ in their pockets.

kristina kenway said...

you are looking very stylish and sexy in all these dresses awesome.
large size evening dresses

Sara said...

Truly! Style has no size, the pictures here nicely exclaim the fact. I really liked the black collection.

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