Thursday, June 28, 2012


Hey curvy girls all over the world,
Igigi is working hard to ensure that you have the most fabulous summer ever. Just a couple of weeks after releasing their sultry summer dress collection the brand is introducing their new bold and colorful line of accessories. The new collection will offer necklaces, earrings, and bags priced from $26-$220.

The pieces are vintage and art-deco inspired and made up of edgy metal's, straw ornaments with earthy turquoise hues. Igigi boasts that their accessories are just what you need to compliment and complete your summer looks.

To see the full collection visit

Let's take a look at a few styles and tell us what you think:


Shainna Tucker said...

I'm in love! Bold colors and jewelry are on my list of things to wear this summer. The earrings are awesome! total love


My Vintage Curves said...

they are all fabulous!

Kiah Torres said...

The orange earrings are awesome! I hope you are well. I must apologize because I called you Savonne when I asked you for directions from the Torrid Affair and your name is Alissa! Where ever did I get Savonne? Kiah

Kiah Torres said...

btw - it was very nice to meet you, you are a sweet heart!

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