Monday, June 25, 2012


Hey curvy girls all over the world,
I have a little confession to make. I went against my own personal fashion rule. I rarely ever have fashion rules but the one I did hold myself accountable to follow is never wear leggings as pants. I've always stuck to that rule because I've seen so many girls wearing black or colored leggings that revealed the color of their underwear. I figured, if I was going to try wearing leggings as pants then I would have to first find the right pair.
Last weekend, I hit up the H&M plus section on 34th street in NYC with Cece from The Big Girl Blog. While searching the racks I came across  a tropical print dress and leggings. The dress was a little too much for me but I thought the leggings would be something interesting to punch up my classic style of a wardrobe. The tropical print look is a budding hot trend this season. The print is all over dresses, tees, and of course pants and skirts.

Whenever trying something that's not necessarily my style I always pair it with classic pieces. It's my fail proof way of making something really work for me and my personal style. Since it was breezy, yesterday, I took the leggings for a spin by rocking a white tee and black one button blazer. To create the look that worked for my style and taste, I pulled out the colors in the pants by utilizing accessories. I chose a suede orange over-sized bag from Fashion to Figure, my turquoise suede platforms sandals from Vince Camuto, and a neon yellow bracelet from Loft.

Next time, I will be wearing these with an over-sized blouse or t-shirt.

What I'm Wearing
Blazer: Faith21 Plus
Leggings: H&M Plus
Shoes: Vince Camuto (similar here)
Bag: Fashion to Figure (get it here)
Bracelets: Loft
Earrings: Strawberry's
Watch: Michael Kors


ari said...

I LOVE THIS!!!! Work it girl! Sometimes its good to step outside of your boundaries!

dedivahdeals said...

I enjoy reading your blog - you have a great sense of style.

Alissa said...

Thanks Ladies!

I wanna be fierce said...

Those tights are amazing. Looking good.


alisabbw said...

Meh...I'm not loving the pants too much. I think they're a bit too short in length maybe? Or is it that I'm not a big fan of prints on my booty? LOL

grownandcurvywoman said...

Kudos to you! I also dont like wearing leggings as pants b/c I have short legs and they dont flatter me. I think you went the right route by pairing them with classic pieces. You made it work and elevated the legging.

Natasha said...

The legging really worked well with the blazer and tee.

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