Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Hey curvy girls all over the world,
We are kicking off this bright and sunny Tuesday with Timeka Winters for Stylish Curves of the day. Timeka is representing for the plus size curvy chicks in Alabama. When it comes to her style, here's what she had to say:

Hi, my name is Timeka Winters and I am a blogger from Birmingham, Alabama. I wish to be featured on Stylish Curves of the Day because I love your site Alissa and I feel I represent the everyday confident plus size woman!!!

 I started this blog with the notion that I was a girl with a pretty smile and loved taking pictures. I say, my style is truly according to my mood, and I mean that with every word.

I was raised to always make yourself look presentable to people when they see you, and I do my best at that every time. I love my mother to death, but coming up I was always criticized by her for being too big!!! As I got older, it got worse but I just learned to embrace all the positives I had to offer even if my mama thought those were imperfections too.

 I have gained weight over time, but that does not stop me because with that weight came with a huge line of confidence! That is why I encourage people everywhere and anyone to Love yourself no matter what people say...
I love playing in makeup and shoes!!! So my blog features my sense of fashion, plus size finds, Make-up and so much more from a +SizeSouthernLady point of view. Check out my blog here at  

Cute, cute, and more cute. I love the leopard peplum top and neon skirt, oh, and I'm loving your shoe game. Werk!

What do you guys think of Timeka's style?

If you would like to be featured as Stylish Curves of the day please send in 4-6 photos of your best looks along with a blurb about how you embrace your curves and where you're from to


Miss FabEllis of said...

She better do it! I love it! My favorite look is the red pants with the striped top. Too cute!

My Vintage Curves said...

Love her in short hair!

ari said...

I love it! She looks fly in all of her outfits!

Natasha said...

She looks fabulous

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