Friday, August 24, 2012


Written By: Kawana

Hey there beautiful curvy ladies, 
Fall is knocking at our doors. It's time to start thinking about what trends you want to add to your wardrobe. Jewel color accessories will be a big trend for the fall and winter seasons. If you're one of those ladies that are afraid to wear bold colors, start slow. Purchase a colorful bag, scarf, or shoes until you are ready to wear a colorful top or jacket.
There is no better time then now to start adding wonderful jewel color accessories to your wardrobe. If you're a lady that isn't afraid to wear bright colors, go big or go home!

How do you wear jewel tone accessories? If you're going out with the girls try pairing skinny jeans, basic tank, black blazer and jewel color pumps. If you want to brighten up your work wear, pair a classic dress with a cocktail ring, and jewel colored scarf.

Will you be adding jewel tone accessories to your wardrobe?


Paloma said...

Amo todas as cores!!!
Cor é vida!!!!

ZAG said...

I have both colors of shoes and a royal blue clutch; I'm well on my way! I would like something amber colored though.

Fredetta said...

love jewel vibrant!

deany said...

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