Thursday, August 16, 2012


Written By: Kawana

 Hey there stylish curvy ladies!
Hoping you all are having a great week.

Every woman must have at least one leopard print accessory in their wardrobe.
Leopard print is a great way to make any simple outfit pop. For example: It's dress down Friday and you are tired of thinking about what to wear to work. Pair a simple button down shirt, skinny jeans with a pointy pair of leopard flats. You have a sexy date night with your beau. Wear a simple body con dress, your favorite red lipstick and a pair of leopard pumps.

There are a lot of ladies out there that refuse to wear leopard print shoes. There are plenty of other ways to add leopard to your wardrobe. Try wearing a skinny leopard print belt with your favorite a-line dress. Leopard looks great with black, red, hot pink, and blue. If belts aren't your thing try wearing a leopard print scarf. That will definitely add a little pop to your cold weather wardrobe. Some of our favorite celebs have been seen spotted wearing leopard Beyoncé, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Mary-Kate Olsen to name a few.

Don't ever be afraid to show off your curves with bold prints and colors. Do you wear leopard print now? What's your favorite leopard print piece?


Paloma said...

Amo estampa de leopardo, onça e tudo mais!!! O que mais me encanta é o lenço!!


Anonymous said...

Where can we buy those bangles from?

Alissa said...

@paloma, I fixed the link. It should work now.

ZAG said...

I must admit.. I am a bit of a leopard whore. Oh, did I say that? LOL! I own a ridiculous amount of leopard things.. leopard sheer skirt, sheer blouse, booties, flats, scarves, vintage dress, bangles, earrings, belt. I might have been a cat in my past life, lol! You can't go wrong with leopard, I think

Anonymous said...

Ladies they have these leopard print wedges at the Avenue that are to die for and very comfortable. I can't get enough of them : )

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