Monday, August 6, 2012


Hey curvy girls all over the world,
Fall is rapidly approaching and we can't wait, especially since August is so ridiculously humid. The thought of sunny breezy days and wearing pieces with warm rich dark hues kind of gets us excited about the upcoming fall season. As stores are having massive sales on their summer apparel they're slowly advertising fall designer collections that strengthens our anticipation for the fall season to hurry up and get here. Let's face it, we're done with the summer heat.

One fall plus size clothing collection that we are always eager to see is DKNYC Plus. As long time fans of Donna Karan and the the number of brands under her umbrella, the DKNYC plus collection manages to embody sophistication with splashes of trendy designs and details. The DKNYC Plus spring collection was colorful, chic, and curve embracing. We could only imagine what the fall collection would be like.

Well, we have the scoop on the new plus size fall collection and it looks like it's giving a nod to old school Donna Karan, which means, lots of black and relaxed understated sexy cuts. This fall collection gives a downtown girl vibe with faux leather leggings for a fun night out, a leather bodice dress that will command attention at work, sheer shirt dresses for those days when you want to look put together in no time, and for those print lovers, leopard was the print of choice in this collection.

For such a simplistic collection I wish there were  more wow pieces. It's only August and I bet there will be more to come. At least, I hope!

The DKNYC plus collection is available now and you can Shop designer Plus Size Apparel at

Let's take a look at the DKNYC Plus Fall collection and don't forget to tell us what you think.

DKNYC Plus Sleeveless System Dress with Faux Leather Bodice

Also, don't forget to shop the mega plus size sale at Bloomingdales



Curvie Birdie said...

I love DYNK. I think her fall curvie line is very sleek, stylish, and super fab!! I will be adding that orange dress to my collection!!!!

Inez said...

Very cute options!

Susan Plus Size said...

I like the DKNYC Plus Printed Shirt Dress - good color and print.

Plus Size Dorita said...

The DKNYC Plus Sleeveless Pleated Cross Front Dress has an absolutely gorgeous color. I'm in love!

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