Thursday, October 18, 2012


Written By: Kawana

Hey there beautiful curvy ladies, 
This week's must have accessory is the collar necklace. This accessory is perfect for the lady that isn't afraid to stand out and bring attention to her outfit. How can you tell the difference between a collar necklace and a regular necklace? It's pretty simple, look for a necklace that doesn't hang low. A collar necklace is very similar to a choker but it always space between your neck and the garment. If you decide to pair it with a collared shirt.

What makes this accessory perfect is that you can wear it many ways. So, you ask how can I spice up my wardrobe with a simple necklace?

Here are the 3 easiest ways to wear your collar necklace:

1. Wear a pullover sweater, ruffle skirt, your favorite flats and collar necklace.

2. Wear a button up shirt that have a collar, jeans, bright colored cardigan, and wear you necklace under the collar of you shirt.

3. Wear a skinny sweetheart neckline dress, your favorite heels, and a chain linked collar necklace.

Check out how celebrities wear their collar necklace. Will you be wearing this on accessory or passing it by?

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Paloma said...

Uau!! lindosssss!!!

CurvyCEO said...

That RJ Graziano necklace is FIERCE!!! And, of course, sold out. *pout* I like this trend, but a part of me wonders how long it will stick around...I am a little wary of spending too much on something I can only wear for a season or two...what are your thoughts?

zdf said...

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