Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Hey curvy girls all over the world,
Rebel Wilson is my new girl crush. After seeing her in Bridesmaids I was eagerly waiting to see what her next move was going to be. She has a new movie coming out called "Pitch Perfect" and I can't wait to see it. She has such a natural talent for comedy. What I also like about Rebel is her fun and funky personality that we see when she gets interviewed. There is just something so magnetic about it.

This is my scanned copy so please give credit if you re-use.

 In the November issue of Lucky Rebel goes shopping with Lucky and her stylist Elshane. She reveals 3 chic looks that embrace her shape rather than hide it.  Let me say how happy and excited I was to see this feature in Lucky Magazine and they did it the right way. There were no tips on how to look slimmer or how to hide your problem areas, instead it was a style feature all about embracing your shape and they used  a mix of hi end and mid priced plus size designers.

The feature includes clothes from Faith 21 Plus, Michael Kors plus, DKNYC Plus, Jilro, and Old Navy. This was a wonderful opportunity to show their plus size readers where to shop for their size as well as how to style themselves. Magazines tend to do one plus size feature a year as if they filled some quota so I am hoping that Lucky continues because they did a fantastic job. The new November issue has Sofia Vergara on the cover. Pick it up and write into them to encourage them to do more plus size features.

What are your thoughts?

Also, checkout Rebel's favorite things on Lucky

Get Rebel's look


Eat.Style.Play said...

Love this post, she is really funny!

DezzyBoo said...

Yes I enjoy her too, she is too funny.

Ticka said...

I love her as well! It's nice to see her personal style outside of how they dress her in the movies. Very nice! I also love how you said they did the Lucky Mag article right. I don't do well with tips and tricks to hide my "flaws" and make me appear thinner. It's so awesome when we can accept who we are and dress the part. Great post!! =D

OAN: I think I need that Jem t-shirt!! "Jem is my name!"

Anonymous said...

Hello Lucky Magazine...About time!!Robin H. !!!

grownandcurvywoman said...

She had me howling in "Bridesmaids". Im glad Lucky didnt tone down her curves and celebrated them!

Arelene said...

I'm a plus-size woman and this post is very useful for me. I want to dress up and I don't want to wear potato sack clothes :)

Simran Saha said...

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