Thursday, October 18, 2012


Hey curvy girls all over the world,
This week, I had my street style point and shoot camera ready. I spotted 3 super cute curvy girls while doing a little lunch break shopping. Check them out:

 I ran into a shopper who caught my eye with her pink leopard print studded moccasins, paired with a leather jacket and matching top.

I spotted a Forever21 employee rocking a Forever21 plus ensemble. I thought the hat and suspenders were a nice touch to the ripped jeans.

On my way into Forever 21 I ran into online boutique owner Ose rockaing a pair of leopard print pants, leather jacket, and a newsboy hat. 

What do you guys think about today's street style?


Fredetta said...

All the ladies look cute! Love each outfit!

click to read more said...

Love you're ripped jeans very fashionable.

David E. Jacobs said...

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essays writer said...

New fashion a new life for the people and for all, some people do not understand.

Anonymous said...

Nice one, wish i could get one for free
good quote. I trake it to my blog))

Anonymous said...

Amazing style ! You look wonderful! said...

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Kizi said...

She is very beautiful. i like her shoes. it's very nice.

Friv said...

Very informative post with nice colorful shoes.

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