Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Written By: Kawana

Hey there beautiful curvy ladies,
I hope that everyone on the east coast has made it safely through hurricane Sandy. This week's must have accessory is the fur vest. What I love most about this accessory is that you don't have to worry about wearing a winter coat. I really dislike going shopping and having to working about wearing a bulky coat or going on a date not being able to show off your cute outfit because of the coat you're wearing.

How To Wear A Fur Vest:

Shopping : Fur vest, chunky sweater, scarf & hat(If it's really cold), favorite jeans, and wide calf boots.
Date Night: Long sleeve bright colored dress, booties, printed scarf, and fur vest.
Black Tie Event: Maxi evening gown, platform heels, and scarf

Will you be indulging in this trend? 

Shop the trend

Check out celebrities wear the fur vest trend:

How Alissa EIC of Stylish Curves rocked her faux fur vest (seen here) and (here)

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