Monday, December 17, 2012


Hey curvy girls all over the world,
Since cutting my hair short back in 2010, I have been experimenting with different hairstyles while my natural hair grows back to the back grazing length it once was. One of the hairstyles I like to wear most involves hair extensions aka weaves. I remember when I got my first weave, it was my senior year in college back in 2003.
Throughout the years I always added pieces of hair  to my already long hair to add thickness or to help with a particular style. I never ever tried a full head of weave until now. For me, adding a few pieces meant a shorter amount of time spent at the hair salon and easy maintenance. I also felt that just adding a few pieces would look more natural than having a full head of extensions.

Well, my thoughts have changed and as you have been seeing for the past couple of months, I have been rocking a full head of extensions. Thanks to perfect locks, I finally went all in and got my natural hair braided up and rocked some luxe Indian hair. Back in October, I went to my stylist and told her I was going full head. She was super shocked because she knows that I just like a few pieces.

I ordered the straight Indian hair in a 22 inch length. My stylist installed the 100% human Indian hair from perfect locks and I have been styling and profiling with it for the past 3 months. I've had it washed, curled, flat ironed, and it has been holding up pretty good. To maintain the hair quality, I treat the perfect locks hair like it was my own (grown from my scalp) I shampoo, condition, and treat it to maintain a healthy look and to still protect my hair braided underneath.

Below are a few styles I've already worn with the perfect locks hair.

Perfect Locks has hair for all ethnicity's and it comes in lengths as short as 10 inches and as long as  24 inches. They have all hair types  from kinky/curly to wavy, straight, and permed. They even offer clip ins for those who need to style their hair in a matter of minutes. You can check out Perfect Locks HERE

Freshly Curled for a night out

Flat ironed straight for the office

After 3 months it's still looking good


Anonymous said...

Great hair! Any info on your hair stylist? I would love to finally experiment with extensions and have it done right. Your hair looks amazing!

hairluvr said...

Wow, you look amazing and that hair is to die for! Gonna have to check out that site, I'm so sick of getting crappy hair at the beauty supply store, Perfect Locks looks like a real winner! I've been looking for a detailed Perfect Locks review so thank you so much for posting this.

Anonymous said...

You look fantastic, such an inspiration!

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