Sunday, December 2, 2012


Hey curvy girls all over the world,
When I was on Good Morning America, no one could have prepared me for the random haters that would come my way. I just can't understand why the world has such a problem with a plus size woman being okay with her body.
Today's title was inspired by a comment I received on twitter after my GMA appearance. If I remember correctly, the comment was, " I'm promoting obesity and I should be ashamed of myself, on tv looking like Barney." Yes, a random person felt the need to find me on twitter and tell me what she thought of me.
Now, I know there are a myriad of plus size women who steer clear of bright colors for fear of looking bigger and ever since Barney stepped on the scene in the early 90's no plus size woman was safe if she wore the color purple. No one wants to be referred to as Barney. Although that particular tweeter's joke was played and I rightfully told  her so, I wanted to be a little smart ass about it and dedicate this post to plus size girls who rock the color purple.

There is no green stripe across my belly so Barney doesn't have anything on me. I am always going to rock the color purple proudly.

Have you ever not rocked a color for fear of being compared to a children's character?

What I'm Wearing
Skater Dress: Fashion to FIgure
Spiked biker jacket: Forever21
Boots: Bakers
Necklace: Forever21
Sunnies: Strawberry's
Earrings: Aldo's


Goody said...

People are really something..I am glad you put her in her place.

And yes, keep rockin your purple!

melissa ward said...

You look amazing!!!! and bravo to you for standing up for curvy girls all over the world

DaenelT said...

Just wow!

Keep your head up and rock on. I'm still learning to love the body I have, so I applaud you and other curvy ladies.

Lizi B said...

Love that dress and it looks great on you!!

Fredetta said...

Love the dress! You look great :)

Shainna Tucker said...

haters need to find their nearest arena/theater and have a few seats lol but girl you looked great in the purple then, and just as fantastic in this dress. #teampurple


MissAshDG said...

Yea my mom always stays away from purple bc she always says she'll look like barney. I think you look awesome and that person was an ass for saying you looked like a purple dinosaur -__- rude

alisabbw said...

Ha...she would really hate me since purple IS my favorite color and I wear it all of the time. What a biatch. It's amazing how much time and energy spend on hating people they don't even know. That's the bad part about the net--ignant a** people can say chit without having to say it to your face. You keep on keeping on...!!!

Tori Danielle said...

I used to have a hangup about wearing purple because of Barney. A shame, too, because purple is my favorite color! But eventually I grew out of that, along with the thinking that I couldn't go sleeveless, couldn't wear something slightly fitted, etc.

Sad that some people have a problem with others doing/wearing what they want! Forget them girl, you look great!

Vivi N. said...

Loving the jacket! And cute skater dress.

That's ignorant folks on Twitter for you. *le sigh* There's nothing wrong with expressing your opinions but to do it laced with unnecessary insults is not the way. And for sure that girl thought she did it big with that comment not knowing she looked like a simple-minded fool.

Anonymous said...

Where did you get the belt and tights from? I love your looks!!

Me said...

Sometimes I can't believe how ignorant people can be. I'm sorry you had to be subjected to that kind of ugliness. I will never understand how being confortable and loving of oneself automatically means that we don't care about ourselves or that we promote obesity.

I applaud you on so many levels. You are a beautiful woman, person, and soul and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the positive things that you promote. I pray that you continue to inspire others and that God continues to bless you abundantly.

grownandcurvywoman said...

Forget those haters! People like that dont even love themseleves and always want to tear someone down b/c they lack success. Keep doing what youre doing.

I proudly rock purple, green, yellow..whatever because I can. You look great and the dress looks marvelous on you!

Terry S said...

LOVE the dress and leather jacket combo. Also, LOVE the booties.

Keep an eye out on my blog later today. I'll be featuring this as one of the looks I love today.


Neena40 said...

Although I am very confident, but recently hesitated about purchasing a high low dress from Ashley Stewart in purple for fear of being called Barney.I went ahead and made the purchase, people who find negative things to say will say it regardless of what you have on. I commend you for being confident and bold enough to be the best you in whatever color you choose to wear!

CurvyCEO said...

You look amazing, Mama! Love that dress! And, I'm sorry, but let me make sure I have this right...while you were on NATIONAL TELEVISION, said hater was on her couch. Have I got that right? *clapback*

Linda said...

You better Wurk it girl....Pay no mind to haters...Keep doing your thing by empowering women to embrace their curves

mitch said...

I for one keeping away from all bright colors for similar reasons. And so proud of you for standing-up on issues like this. You just inspired me to beyond my dressing game.

For the record you look totally amazing here, love the dress!


Linda said...

I love bright colors and I struggle to find dresses and tops I like in bright colors. You look gorgeous! Keep on rocking it!

Ashe @ Ash in Fashion said...

How ridiculous! You look amazing.

Marla said...

You look awesome! What a great dress.

Mistie said...

I'm new here, but I just wanted to say that you look AMAZING! You are rocking that dress.

Kelly said...

I think you look GORGEOUS!!!

That Twitter comment says more about the "hater".

You keep loving your beautiful self, and inspiring the rest of us to do the same!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you look absolutely stunning! The colour and cut of the dress suit you so well, and I love that you matched your lipstick colour perfectly to the outfit!

QueenDiva said...

looking great as always... I say wear what you want as long as you're happy.

Eat.Style.Play said...

I saw that comment? and It made me mad because she had no business, and I wont talk trash because two wrongs don't make it right but you are gorgeous, and you know that! She had no business going through all the trouble of googling you and then tweeting that.

Cherilyn Washington said...

I am late finding your site but I'm so glad I did! I LOVE iour style and you definitely make "plus" look beautiful!!! I especially love this look.

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