Friday, January 4, 2013


Hey curvy girls all over the world,
I know for most of you its freezing cold outside and you can't even think about spring shopping. Although it's below freezing outside, January is the perfect time to start dreaming about your spring style. As with everything in fashion, nothing is ever new and trends are just recycled and reinvented to go with the times.
However, there is nothing wrong with getting excited season after season with the most notable upcoming trends, right? So, with that being said, There are quite a few spring trends that I can't wait to fill my closet with. Unsurprisingly, some trends are just repeats from last spring, which will save you money if you bought them last year.

Since I attended Spring 2013 fashion week back in September, I spotted some styles that every plus size girl should try:

Crop Tops

Balmain Spring 13

Yes, you heard me right. Crop Tops baby! Crop tops are not only reserved for thin waist women. Girls  who are a little thick in the middle can rock a crop top too. About a year ago I did a post on how to wear a crop top (read here)  if you're plus size. You don't have to bare your entire midriff but you can show a little skin at the top of your waist  and still feel totally comfortable and confident. Crop tops for plus size women look amazing with a high waisted skirt or pant. You seriously can't go wrong. And if you're a little scared to show any belly flesh just throw on a tank top under it and call it a day.

We love the plus size options from Nakimuli

All White Everything

Vera Wang Spring 13

Yes, yes to head to toe white. From Vera Wang to Roberto Cavalli all white is taking its rightful place in the spring season. We have been overloaded with neon brights and colorblocked styles that I think we forgot how crisp and fresh an all white ensemble can be. Despite what you may have heard or read all white can look amazing on a plus size figure. Just checkout the model in the dress below. Need I say more?

Goddess Gown by: Wole Designs


More of a classic than a trend (in my opinion) stripes were all over the spring 13 runways. Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, and Oscar De La Renta offered up some chic options as well as fun styling. You can actually get your stripe fix on now with new spring releases from Carmakoma and ASOS Curve.

Colored Suits

The colored suit is going to be major for spring 2013. Gucci had a dope pink suit come down their runway for spring 2013. The colored suit made quite a few striking appearances last year (remember Solange's canary yellow number) but this year it's going to be in full bloom.


Balenciaga Spring 2013

Expect plus size retailers to overload on ruffles this coming season. Personally, I am a fan of ruffled tops and a sassy ruffled hem dress so I will be excited to cop some new pieces. 

Flower Bomb

In my Miranda Priestly voice, "Florals for spring, how ground breaking" For spring florals have taken a turn from just being girly to chic and feminine. We are loving the floral options in plus size. From floral pants to blazers the all over floral print look is a definite must.

Safari Chic

Elena Miro Spring 2013

Which spring trends will you be trying?

Make sure you're following SC because we will be doing our annual spring  trend shopping guide. 


Eat.Style.Play said...

I like i'll def being trying some of this out.

Anonymous said...

Cant wait to try some of these styles out:)

Marissa Richardson said...

I'm sorry but colored suits just aren't doing it for me. I'm having too many flashbacks of the early 90's. Nope. But I will try Floral.

asha said...

I could see myself trying just about all of these trends (even the crop top, as a proud 40G), all except the all white everything. My youngest is not even 2 yet. I wouldn't have to wear it for it to get stained:/

Chichi O said...

crop top and stripes def verdicts out on the suit been lusting for a shirtdress like the chartreuse one for ages im not a florals girl too much gives me a headache but maybe a floral bomber like the zara one last year still yearn when i see it

Anonymous said...

Floral it is!

Jacquay Plummer said...

I really love all of the trends

grownandcurvywoman said...

Im totally looking forward to the stripes and colored suit.

Robin Hardeman said...

These are all doable and challenge some of the old thinking about plus size women and fashion, trying them all!
robincharmagne said...

Love the bright suit! Have you guys checked out the Asos Curve 2013 Spring/Summer Lookbook? I have some pics and I am so inspired to try all of them this Spring!

Charity Whan Jackson

Brian Jones said...

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Anonymous said...

I will try all white,some floral in tops but not pants but, and definetly shirt dress!!

Bayan Giyim said...

I love it. Thanks for all photos

zambesi nz said...

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Emma Alison said...

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