Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Hey curvy girls all over the world,
Amber Riley took to her Twitter to show off her new super short do. Every woman sometimes needs a little change when it comes to their hair. Last year, Alicia Keys switched up her style by donning a a short and sleek bob, remember when the internet went crazy over Miley Cyrus's spiky short cut, well, now we can add Amber Riley to that roster.

Amber tweeted the above photo with a caption that read: " I teared up, but sometimes change is good! I feel free"

In my opinion, a new hair cut is refreshing and liberating. I remember when I first cut my shoulder length locks off to a super short style that was inspired by Rihanna. I was in shock for the first month but after awhile, I felt free and it truly boosted my self esteem. Society can make you obsessed with having long hair and often times it will make you feel like  the length of your hair is what makes you beautiful.

Right now there is a natural hair movement that I love and I love even more when women can embrace new looks and not feel restricted because of society's standards on beauty.

I say, go Amber! I love it!

What do you think of Amber Riley's new look and have you every chopped off all your hair?

Photo Credit: Hey Fat Chick


Style4Curves said...

I love this on her! I chopped mine off once but it was too high maintenance. Now that it's back BSL I will only go short again with weave.

Ticka said...

I love it on her!! Very cute!! I've cut my hair many times. It always grows back with vengence! lol

This last time, I gut it to "go" natural. I am in LOVE with my natural texture right now, and it's great for my workouts ;)

Whitney James said...

She looks great! I love the new look. It's fresh and chic!


Ashley Mag said...

Love it! Last August I chopped off my hair from shoulder length to a very similar cut and at first I LOVED it :) But similar to others who've commented I found that keeping the style looking good was WAY more maintenance than I was used to or prepared for :-/ So I started growing it out shortly after only 3 I'm back to just above shoulder length bob

Diamond said...

So cute love your color thinking about getting it!!!

Plus Model/Chicago Plus-Size Fashion Examiner for Nikeya Young said...

The cut is CUTE! Not sold on the color, but I love her boldness to go for a new short 'do! I 1st whacked mine off back in September & I'm LOVING being on #TeamShortHair :-)!!

NikStar said...

Team Short Hair but mine is growing like weeds! haha I cut mine off in September as well, inspired by A. Keys herself. I love this cut! It's cute on her!

Unknown said...

I love her and the cut... it's so different for us to see her with short hair but I believe she will rock it out. I am currently growing my hair out. I was natural up until last April then I relaxed and wore a short cut. I grew my hair out because I wanted longer hair for my wedding pics and now since I'm married I find myself wanting longer hair. We will see ...

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