Thursday, January 3, 2013


Hey curvy girls all over the world,
Black lace is uber sexy, but as a girl who loves color, I have become quite fond of colored lace dresses. There is just something about them that seems to be a little more fun than just wearing black lace.
I'll admit that there was a point in time that I wasn't very fond of colored lace dresses, especially white lace. I felt as if they just didn't work for me. Now that I have changed my tune. I've been on the hunt for lace dresses in every color possible.

Here's a few that caught my eye:


grownandcurvywoman said...

Such a timely post because Im shopping for a lace dress! Thank you for the suggestions!

Lois said...

I love Dorothy Perkins!!

kiza said...

Plus size dresses is weary difficult to find. We believe that there are many women who are faced with this problem, because they have not entered into a mold, which measures the current designers work for smaller women. The problem is that many of today's clothes slave certain stereotypes which makes much of us have problem.

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