Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Hey curvy girls all over the world,
For the new year, I decided to choose key words every week to help me stay motivated on the path to achieve my personal dreams. As I shared with you before, it is so easy to get frustrated when it looks like things aren't going your way. This week, my word is PLAN as in plan for your future, plan for success.

Whenever I think about people that inspire me, the one thing they all have in common is that they are reaping the rewards from plans they created to get where they are. So, to plan for a successful 2013 I am creating a checklist that is specific to each goal I would like to achieve and listing action steps to take. Sometimes its not enough just to say what you want to achieve in your life you have to put forth the work and plan to live your dreams and reach your goals.

Are you planning for future success?

Have a great day!

All photos by True Images

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What I'm wearing
Plus size striped Top: Forever21 plus
Plus size leather Skirt: Simply Be: (Gifted)
Shoes: Guess
Clutch: Carlos Falchi
Necklace: Torrid (Gifted)
Bangles: Ashley Stewart


Paloma said...

Parabéns, palavras lindas!!!

VanoueLicious said...

You look so cute!!


linda loved is the perfect shoe is fabulous...

melissa ward said...

Cute look

Anonymous said...

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