Thursday, January 10, 2013


Hey curvy girls all over the world,
I am in remix mode with my clothes right now. I am trying to curb my appetite for shopping by mixing and matching what I own already.
The last time I wore this H&M sheer polka dot top was with a black peplum skirt from ASOS (seen here) and I wore this green skirt with a leopard print blouse to the office. I thought the two would make for a dashing combination .

People often ask what kind of bodyshapers I use when I wear body con pieces. Depending on how long I have to be in a shaper I wear one of two shapers. If I am going to be in something all day, I will wear Spanx. However, Spanx sometimes isn't enough when it comes to keeping all my jelly in place. Sometimes I have to breakout an old fashion girdle. Yes, I said girdle. Girdles are old school but they get the job done. I like Wacoal the best. I am actually wearing a Wacoal girdle with this skirt. You can check it out HERE

As for the mesh sheer top, I am actually wearing a black bra under it. The fabric of the shirt is light and I felt that a strapless bra wouldn't look smooth. 

What shape wear do you wear under your form fitting pieces?

What I'm Wearing
Top: H&M plus
Skirt: Forever21 Plus
Boots: Michael Antonio
Bracelets: H&M, Forever21


Rickie said...

You look great! What are you wearing underneath the top? I have the same shirt, but I've only worn it with a strapless bra--which is uncomfortable--because anything else I tried looked out of place. Whatever you have on underneath looks like it really belongs.

bex said...

oooh that skirt is a must have.. looks good on you too. i got to find myself one

Janae Holmes said...

Absolutely love your style. I really love the skirt. The color is great.
I'm in the market for undergarments. Looking to find a couple of styles. I'm looking for some wot wear with pants, any suggestions?

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