Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Hey curvy girls all over the world,
The question, I get asked the most by SC readers is how to dress for work. So many plus size women feel they can't be creative or dress stylish and modern when it comes to office attire. As a young corporate professional myself, I know all too well how frustrating it can be to find work clothes when it seems like every plus size brand only offers trendy club wear. To help you look your absolute best at the office, I have decided to start a new feature called "Workwear Wednesday."

 Every Wednesday we will put together super stylish work outfits that can take you from desk to dinner and in Stylish Curves fashion, all the pieces we use are in plus sizes 14 and up.

Today, we are kicking the feature off with an easy classic combo. The tie neck aka pussy bow blouse and pencil skirt. I always say don't underestimate the power of separates in classic styles. The tie neck blouse is very sophisticated and when paired with a pencil skirt, it adds a hint of sexiness without being inappropriate.
This is why they call it the sexy secretary look.

Our first look incorporates two trends. The colorblocked and oxblood trend. 

We paired a black and white colorblocked top with a oxblood pencil skirt. To amp up the professionalism we added a classic trench coat and ankle strap pointed toe pumps.

Shop the look
Blouse: New Look plus size (get it here)

If you work in a more fashion forward office, I would go for a printed skirt and a tie neck blouse in a corresponding color. 

Shop the look
Blouse: New Look (get it here)

Real Life Look

Here I am, in the classic combo. You can review this outfit post HERE

Let me know what you think of the new feature

Hopefully we can help make getting dressed for work a little easier.


shanihw said...

Love these looks!

asha said...

I like the new feature and love the looks. The sexy secretary look never goes out of style.

Richard Marx said...

I really liked your review. Nice collection! Good Job Alissa!!

kristina kenway said...

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emily said...

Very nice cloth and I like the style! Thanks for your sharing!

Laila@Wild bird seed said...

I like the new feature. Nice collection. Actually those are simple but eye catching.

Mma Clothes said...

The pink top will look fabulous on you.

Coffee Beans Online said...

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Diana @ Namibia Travel said...

You look pretty with these. You could try white it will look really wonderful on you.

women fashion dress said...

Collection is really nice for plus size. As we can see above wearing them. Not only clothes but all other stuff like accessory and footwear.

John Kingston said...

Nice Jacket.Wanna buy one of them.NIce article anyway.

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Jennifer Smith said...

Nice clothes and accessories you have. I want to buy all this.

Dipa said...

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Emma @ luxury Maldives villas said...

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friv 2 said...

I'm impressed with your ideas. Really thank you for starting this

Alia said...

awesome review, Nice collection!
Thank u for sharing

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