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Influencer Fashion: What are the Hottest Stars Wearing

Though a lot of people like to think that fashion shouldn’t be such a big part of life, there is no denying that it is.  We all want to look good and for the most part we all turn to the appearance of some of our favorite celebrities to inspire us and make sure that we are following the correct fashion trends at the time.  

Right now there has been an uprising in ‘influencer’ fashion. Influencer fashion is basically what all of our favorite social media stars are wearing and promoting. As well as focusing their time on trying to buy facebook likes ,influencers are also advising the world on the best fashion.  It can be difficult to keep track of what is in right now, but don’t worry we have done the research for you and can tell you what is in and what is out in the world of influencer fashion. Here is what the hottest stars are currently wearing.  


You may have noticed a return of cropped cardigans, baby pinks and graphic tees. Well that is because Y2K is back. If you were alive in the early 2000s then you definitely recognize some of the fashion that has decided to make a return in the last year or so. 

 Many influencers are basing their Y2K looks on iconic noughties figures such as Bratz and Groovy Chick. We have missed the vast amount of flared pants and thin scarves that we used to see and so we are absolutely ecstatic that this look is making a come back thanks to influencers. If you want to try and recreate this look, then all you need to do is buy some big chunky clips, some platform trainers and a funky tee and you’re ready to go.  

 We hope that this trend continues to have influencer popularity as we love seeing how everyone interprets the look.  

Vintage but not really 

This trend has been around for some time, as the world has always had some obsession with the vintage look. These days a lot of online retailers and stores are selling their own version of ‘vintage clothing’. Though this clothing isn’t really vintage, the vintage inspiration is still very cute and we enjoy how it looks quite a lot. 

 Vintage summer fashion is currently very popular as we start to enter the hotter months of the year and many people are taking on the challenge of repurposing some of their parents’ old clothing and making it fit the current vintage trend. So if you have parents that have a wardrobe full of their old vintage clothes, then we recommend that you ask their permission to help yourself and see if you can create something that matches up with the current trends.  

Egirl Fashion 

If you were around in the mid 2000s, you may have experienced emo culture. This consisted of people donning their tightest jeans and favorite band tee and rocking out to their favorite songs.  

 In recent years there has been an introduction of a culture that somewhat resembles emo culture but is worlds away from it. I am of course talking about Egirl fashion and if you like layered fashion and an astounding amount of buckles and clips, then you will love this look. 

 What really sets Egirl fashion aside from a lot of the current trends on the internet is the freedom that comes with it, you can tear up clothes, rip up jackets and you’ll still look good. A large part of egirl fashion is also the way in which you do your makeup and how you style your hair and if you want to get involved in this current fashion trend, all you need to do is look online and check out where the best place to stock up on Egirl gear is. We recommend that you try and make a lot of the items for yourself, as this will give the authentic Egirl look. 

Cottage Core 

If you are someone that loves soft pastels and light materials, then we recommend that you look into the magical world of cottage core. Imagine summer day picnics in a fairy forest in the 1900s- this is cottage core. 

Cottage core embodies everything that we love about soft clothing and delicate living. Every cottage core outfit is made to be paired with a beautiful updo and picnic blanket. We are of course exaggerating a little when it comes to cottage core, but we really want you to get an idea of the kind of vibe that cottage core enthusiasts are aiming for. If you are sick of modern clothing, why not reject it and purchase a linen gown and a flower headband. We once again recommend trying to make a lot of these items yourself as this will have a more authentic look. 

Rotating Trends: What’s In and What will Soon be Out

Since there have been people, there have been trends. As humans, we have the habit of latching onto what is in and what everyone else is doing. Following all of the new trends is a natural instinct that we all have, as those who decide to go against the grain usually face criticism or exclusion.  


As quickly as they are introduced, trends are gone. This is because the world around us is constantly evolving and every minute there is a new design or a brand new product set to take the world by storm.  A skill that we have all tried to develop is guessing what the next trend will be and when the current trends will eventually fizzle out. Some people are even employed based on their ability to make accurate guesses, but for the rest of us we usually don’t figure it out until it’s too late.  We know just how frustrating it can be when you miss the memo of a trend no longer being cool, so worry not. Here is what is in right now and our predictions of when it will be out.  


The E- Revolution  

Something that you may have noticed in the last year or so is an uprising of people dressing in alternative clothing, wearing crazy makeup, and donning colorful hair. For those of you that once fell victim to the emo subculture, there may be a glimpse of hope that you can raid your wardrobe for your favorite chained skinny jeans and hit the town. Unfortunately what you are seeing is not the return of emo culture, but the introduction of E-girls and E-boys.  

The E look is very in right now and all those people who used to call you emo on the street seem to be hooked on it. People who are following this trend can be expected to be seen wearing striped clothes and black nail polish as if that is some brand new fashion statement. Love or hate this culture, it doesn’t seem as though it will be sticking around for much longer. As the hotter months have started to approach, people are already abandoning their e-outfits in favor of something a little more comfortable and less suffocating.  

We expect that this trend will have another surge in the next few months, but we don’t see this trend making it past 2022, so if you are thinking about spending a ridiculous amount of money on a new E-wardrobe, don’t. 



Smoking is unfortunately one of the longest-lasting trends that the world has ever seen. Since the introduction of tobacco, the world has been hooked on the addictive substance. Thanks to the help of scientists, the world now knows just how bad smoking cigarettes is. For decades, smoking has slowly decreased in popularity, but it has not managed to disappear completely.  

Thankfully it looks like we are going in the right direction to see the end of smoking. Fewer and fewer people are buying cigarettes and that is something to do with steps that the government has started to take. The first way in which the government tried to cut down the number of smokers was by increasing the price of nicotine products. There are now also strict rules about smoking in public spaces, which makes smoking even more inconvenient for those who do it.  

There has also been an increase in the number of people choosing to use vapes over cigarettes. Vapes are taking the place of cigarettes for a number of obvious health reasons, but on top of that people are making the shift for economic purposes.  The longest lasting disposable vapes stick around much longer than your standard pack of cigarettes, which means you are spending far less money. We predict that in the next five years smoking will be completely out of style.  


Short bangs 

Now let’s turn to the world of hairstyles. Unfortunately in some countries around the world, hairdressers have been closed for the last year. Now, we can only go so long before we need a haircut, which means some of us were forced to cut our own hair.  

Most people limited their hair cutting attempts to just trimming the hair or shortening the length, but others saw this as an opportunity to completely restyle their hair. This means that over the last year we have seen some pretty crazy haircuts, with some being more successful than others. The short bang look is one of the most popular cuts of the year due to the way the bangs nicely frame the face and the longevity of the look.  

Short bangs are also a great way to cover up any mistakes that may have been made during the hair cutting process, after all, if something isn’t even, you can also continue to make it shorter- right?  Though we love the short bang look, we, unfortunately, do not see it sticking around for much longer.  Hair grows quite quickly and everyone’s incredibly short fringes are already starting to disappear and with the hairdressers open, we don’t think we will see the short fringes return anytime soon.  

However, there are still some people out there that are hanging onto their shorter hair, so there could be hope. Our overall prediction is that this trend will fizzle out by the end of the year, so enjoy it while you can.  


How to Spice up your Work Uniform

Work outfits can often be seen as a necessary evil. They are required to be worn when working in a professional environment, whether it is at your local café or accounting firm. On top of our increasingly heavy workloads, wearing the same outfits every day in the same drab colors can make our work feel like even more of a chore. Below is a list of advice on how to spice up your work uniform.  


One aspect that can damper your mood when working is to constantly wear dark colors such as grey, brown, and back. Try experimenting by adding more colors to your work wardrobe. Why not buy a suit in pink, blue or yellow? Wearing more colors can lift your spirits and can add more vibrancy to the workplace in general.  


Patterns can be a great way to add more dimension and intrigue to your outfit. A matching two-piece suit or top and skirt instantly makes your outfit look more put together. Tweed and checked are great sophisticated patterns that are appropriate in most workplacesFlorals are also a good way to add life and color to an ordinary outfit. Perhaps try a long flowery dress or floral suit. 


Wearing heels every day can not only be boring but also can cause long-term damage to your feet. So why not switch them up for some boots instead. Find your most Comfortable Work Boots and try them out with your favorite work trousers or dresses and see how well they match. Find boots with a sensible heal at either ankle or knee height as they should be suitable for most work environments. Neutral colors such as black, beige, and white should go with any outfit. Investing in a good pair of boots also means that they will last longer, which is necessary if you spend most of your working day running from meeting to meeting.  


Some of us have more rigid uniforms than others. Whilst some might only require you to keep to a certain color scheme, others have a set uniform that you have no choice but to wear. When wearing set uniforms such as nurses’ slacks or a retailer’s clothes, why not add some additional accessories to spice up the look. You could try a colorful headband or flashy socks to add a bit of life to your otherwise drab outfit.  


Smart Shopping: How to  Get Fashionable Outfits without Breaking the Bank

Living in a world that is full of new and amazing fashion developments is all well and good unless you are someone who would love to be able to wear these great clothes but simply cannot afford them. If you are looking for a way to get that runway-ready look without having to blow a huge budget for a single outfit then there are some nifty things that you can do. Much of what makes fashion so intimidating is the confidence and sometimes arrogance that comes with looking good. With that in mind as long as you have a bit of creativity and are able to convey confidence then you are halfway ready

Being fashionable is absolutely a possibility if you do not have the expendable income, this just means that you will have to work a little harder and make compromises in some areas to make it work. However, adding your own personal touches can take the outfit further and go beyond the original garment, this is why creating your own outfits and clothes can be very beneficial and to put it simply for someone who is interested in fashion it is very fun to do.


Thrift Shops

If you are on a budget the thrift store or the charity shop can be the best place to visit, as long as you are not afraid of wearing secondhand goods then you should be able to find some very fashionable pieces that are just a fraction of the original price. As the stock in a thrift shop relies upon donations you should watch out for some very unique fashion pieces as you never know what people will get rid of. It is common for some designer garments to be found in a charity store and at a significantly cheaper price than what you would have to pay elsewhere luck may be on your side and you could find a bargain.

Thrift stores are great places due to the randomness of what can be found in their stock, if you are looking for something a bit different or you simply want to source some clothing material that you can use to make your own garments then I would highly recommend that you visit.


Repurposing Old Outfits

What many people forget about when it comes to fashion is that old pieces come in and out of fashion trends all of the time. It is very common for an older garment to be seen in the most recent runways as it is a trend to wear the more unique and original items of clothing from other eras. If you are a slight hoarder and you happen to have some of your outfits from years ago then it could be that you are able to bring them back into fashion and save yourself a lot of money.


Make it Yourself

One of the best ways to save money on your clothes is to make them yourself, there are many resources out there if you want to start learning how to sew and the great thing about making your garments yourself is that you get to completely design items of clothing that you actually want to wear. It goes without saying that buying material and fabric is cheaper than the prices of the top fashion so the fact that you can learn to make your own custom pieces is a truly great option for those of you on a budget. If you see something in a catalog or online that you like there is no reason why you cannot give it a go yourself and try and replicate a similar style piece. There is a strong sense of achievement when you finally make your first garment and no matter your experience level you have to start somewhere in this industry and you will learn a lot as you make more and more items of clothing. It is important to remember that even the highest fashion pieces were made by somebody like the chanel reissue 227 bag is completely handmade, with practice and experimentation you could be creating garments to the same standard.


Watch Out For a Sale

The fashion industry is constantly changing in terms of what is currently trending and considered to be in fashion at a given time which means that many high street retailers conduct huge sales as the trends and the season’s change. This allows them to make space for new clothes rather than wasting store space on clothes that are not in season or in fashion. With an abundance of sales available throughout the year you could find yourself some bargains as long as you get your timings right and keep your eye out for any bargains that may be available.

Fashion In Sports: What are the Best Players Wearing

The fashion industry is one that goes through many phases in terms of what is deemed trendy and in fashion at a given time, sports clothing and sports fashion has had much influence over mainstream fashion recently with many of the best players seeing their outfits on the hit runways around the world. Many sports brands have partnerships with some of the more high profile sports players where they will pay them to go around the world wearing their clothes to build hype and popularity for certain items of clothing.


The fact that such methods are used in order to sell the clothing and to get people talking about certain brands builds suspicion around whether the clothing being sold is actually as fashionable as is portrayed. However, there is no denying that the sports fashion industry is worth a lot of money and that the high profile nature of the brands involved shows how influential this industry is over mainstream luxury fashion. Below are a number of high-end sports brands that have seen significant growth in popularity in recent years due to their clothing being seen on high profile sports celebs.



The first brand on this list would have to be Adidas, they are known for their triple white stripe logo that is featured on many of their pieces. Adidas is an iconic brand that has been seen on many celebrities alone as well as those who are famous within the sports world, they stock a range of tracksuit style clothing that is great as a fashion statement as well as a great brand to wear as you take part in your own sports or during any training sessions you may take part in.



Nike is another brand that has seen a lot of success in selling their brand of sportswear and shoes, they have had many celebrity endorsements for their shoes as well as their stylish range of tracksuits and jackets and other sports style clothing. Nike as a brand is very mainstream and many sporting heroes have been seen wearing their products, their success proves that they are good at what they do and in terms of providing fashionable options, I would argue that they have done that very well. Nike is clearly going nowhere and I would presume they only have good things in store for the future.


Under Armour

Under Armour is a brand staple for anyone in the sporting industry, they are famous for creating high-quality clothing to be worn underneath other sportswear, for those training days that are done in the winter months it can be very cold so under Armour have provided a product that can combat this and keep players warm. Due to the fact that this brand has solved a real issue within the sporting community, I would say that they are one of the most successful brands on this list as their popularity with famous sports stars has come about naturally due to them creating a product with existing demand.


Puma is known for its range of casual sportswear and for its comfortable options that also have an element of fashion to their design. Puma has had many interactions with mainstream fashion with their collaboration on one of the biggest high fashion runways in the world. The fact that a sports brand has seen so much attention from what would be considered a high profile fashion event, shows just how versatile the brand is and how the world of high fashion and sports fashion can interact to create a single project.

New Balance

New Balance is a pretty new brand when you consider the long history of the other brands on this list, however, their line of mainly running shoes has seen a lot of positive attention and praise from other designers as well as the public. The good reviews at such an early stage in the brand’s development are certainly a good sign and the fact that many high profile sports stars have been seen sporting a new pair of New Balance trainers has certainly helped in raising awareness of the brand and the stylish yet comfortable trainers they have to offer.


The final brand on this list is one that is not necessarily always included when it comes to fashionable sportswear. However, Sketchers has been described by many sports stars as one of the comfiest brands of shoes that can be found, especially during injury periods where a bit of extra comfort is very welcome when it comes to footwear. Sketchers pride themselves on offering comfortable sports shoes that are scientifically tested to help make even the most common soccer injury a little more comfortable for the victim. Any sports star will tell you how hard it is to be in recovery so it makes sense that they are so grateful for Sketchers and their comfortable trainers.

Exclusive Interview with the Hottest Up-and-Coming Fashion Designer

The not-so-new fashion trend you should be keeping an eye out for is sustainable and ethical fashion. The fears of global warming, and the soon-to-be irreversible effects of the world’s Co2 emissions, is not news to anyone. From the ecological effects of elevated Co2, all the way to how the global carbon footprint affects our health and life span, global warming is an issue that affects the world. What action we take to reduce our carbon footprint is, quite literally, life or death.


One of the biggest factors in pollution and the global carbon footprint, is fashion – fast fashion, to be specific. Below, 21 questions and facts on how fast-fashion plays a role in the global carbon footprint will be answered, and you’ll be pointed to some of the leading brands revolutionizing fashion sustainability and ethicality.


What is sustainable fashion?

According to ‘Cosmopolitan’ in ‘What is sustainable fashion, and which brands are the most eco-friendly?’, sustainable fashion refers to the life of a clothing item. From the materials used to create the garment, how they’re sourced and created, to what happens to the garment once it’s discarded from the wardrobe. The entire life of a garment is considered when thinking about fashion sustainability, and that’s for every single item of clothing made sustainably.


What is ethical fashion?

So, if that’s sustainable fashion, what’s ethical fashion?

As told by ‘WTVOX’ in their article ‘What Is Sustainable Fashion – A Comprehensive Guide + 10 Must-Know Designers’, ethical fashion revolves around the people aspect of fashion. Despite the majority of garments being made by machines, “people-power” is still a huge part of the clothing industry. Workers are needed to add the final elements to clothes and do all the things machines aren’t yet programmed to do. With this in mind, it’s a well-known fact the conditions in which workers operate are less than healthy. From long working hours and low pay to terrible working conditions and rights in the workplace. This happens because clothing companies source their manufacturing overseas, and to countries with less worker-workplace related protective regulations, explained by ‘Bellatory’, in ‘Ready-to-Wear: A Short History of the Garment Industry’.


So, as you may have guessed, ethical fashion is finding ways to combat all the inequalities now inherent in the fashion industry. ‘WTVOX’ tells us companies focus on finding and sourcing their clothing from workers who are well paid, work reasonable hours and work in healthy environments. You’d think necessities like these are implemented everywhere but, sadly, there are many work environments that don’t provide safe places for their workers to operate, a living wage, or reasonable working hours. With the fashion industry being one of the largest in terms of sourcing from these unfair working environments, it’s imperative they start the process of transferring manufacturing to those of more sustainable and ethical means.


So, what brands are sustainable and ethical?

‘’ Is a clothing company that not only sources their clothing from sustainable and ethical sources, they also manage to keep their clothing affordable, and fights for awareness in the fashion industry, giving those who are often side-lined the opportunity to be in the spotlight.


‘T/ALA’ has entire pages on their website dedicated to explaining their desire for sustainable and ethically sourced clothing. They even have something they call ‘T/ALA’ talks and is all about sustainable and ethical fashion, and body positivity. Their website is also a platform for marginalized groups in fashion, such as the black and disabled communities. ‘T/ALA’ is a brilliant fashion company, so go check them out!

Another fashion company that focuses on fashion sustainability and ethicality, is ‘’. ‘Mayamiko’ have made pledges on ‘zero waste goals’, to ensure they’re adding as little as possible to the waste of fashion; ‘circular economy’, so they can follow their garments’ life cycle; ‘solar power’, to reduce their environmental impact; ‘locally sourced materials’, to reduce all the negative environmental effects that shipping materials cause; ‘tackling packaging’, as they recognize this as an issue for sustainability; ‘fair trade’, to ensure everyone involved in their fashion’s life cycle is treated ethically, and many others that make them one of the best fashion companies for sustainable and ethical fashion.


So there you have it! Sustainable and ethical fashion for the win.

Do Hair Growth Treatments Actually Work?

If you are someone that unfortunately suffers from hair thinning or hair loss, then you have probably done a lot of research into the hair growth treatments that are available to you. A lot of websites and products offer immediate and miracle results, but a lot of these products seem far too good to be true and are hard to trust. This is understandable as there have been plenty of companies exposed to false advertising and disappointing products. For a lot of people, this leaves us feeling as though no hair growth treatment actually works. But is this the case, do hair growth treatments actually work?


Laser Therapy

One of the few hair growth techniques on the market that actually work is laser hair therapy. This may seem confusing as laser hair therapy is often used to remove hair, but few people know that you can actually use it to help with hair regrowth.  Specialists will use an fda approved laser therapy machine for hair regrowth that will stimulate the hair follicles and encourage them to create thick and luscious hair. This is a technique that has been proven to work and so you don’t have to worry about being scammed and left disappointed with the results. In the past, people would travel to get this surgery done due to the high costs in this country. But as the techniques are being refined, laser surgery is becoming more commercial and thus more affordable at local salons and practices.



A treatment that a lot of people prefer is the use of vitamins. This is a more natural way of combating hair loss and is also extremely cost-effective. These vitamins do not promise a miracle cure for dead hair follicles, but they do promise to repair and strengthen those that you already have. So if you are someone that is already experiencing balding, these won’t work to return any dead follicles. However, if you are someone that is just now noticing thinning, then you should act quickly and begin the process of taking these vitamins. Hair growth vitamins are endorsed by hundreds of celebrities, however, it is important to do the research before you start taking them. If you call up your GP, they would be able to recommend safe yet effective treatments.


Hair Loss Shampoos

Hair loss shampoos are a weird one because some of the work, but a lot of them do not. A good way to determine which shampoos will actually help to prevent hair loss is by looking at their ingredients. One of the two ingredients that you should be looking out for is Caffeine and keratin. Caffeine stimulates the hair follicles and encourages the growth of thicker and healthier hair. Keratin is what hair is actually made of and by introducing the ingredient back to your scalp, you are encouraging the health of your pre-existing strands which will make your hair appear fuller and much healthier than before.

Picnic Chic: How to Prepare your Wardrobe for Post-Lockdown Summer

2020 Was a terrible year. Perhaps the worst in history. It robbed us of our beautiful summers. Basking in the sun and strutting our stuff. And it robbed us of our winter. Festivities with family and looking fine down at the Xmas market. But with 2021 we are looking to the future with positivity. We are staying indoors and hoping, by this summer, we will be back out in the sun.

And we are already eager with anticipation of the new fashions we will see while we are out to picnic. Nothing beats laying down a stylish blanket, cracking open the picnic basket, and watching the people go by in their summer gear. And with the scorching heat of both the sun and the stylish looks, you will need to keep your ice frozen for longer with a proper cooler, as it’s going to be a scorcher this year.

But how can you prepare your wardrobe for the eventual return to civilization? We are here to help answer that question. So, let’s dive in.


Colors Matter

Color is the cornerstone of any fashion identity. And colors are also hugely seasonal. So with the emergence of summer, you need to make sure your wardrobe is color ready to match. This summer is hopefully going to be a lively one. People want happiness and joy. Our recommendation is to stock up on bright, cheerful colors. Lots of yellows and blues. Or if you want something less classic we recommend trying some bright reds or even some vibrant greens.

With the introduction of masks as a major fashion item, even after the pandemic will end, we recommend you try incorporating a secondary color using your mask. To complement your entire wardrobe and to stay even safer.



There will be a huge urge to rush out and buy a flurry of new clothes when lockdown ends properly. But we recommend for this season is to avoid doing that. Firstly because everyone else will be doing the same and that’s a surefire way to get sick.

But this is also a great opportunity for you to dig up all the old outfits that didn’t get a chance to be worn last summer. I imagine everyone has loads of outfits tucked away just waiting to be worn. Why not try creating some new, interesting outfits put mix and matching different items of clothing as well. Create a new fashion trend for this new world we will be in.



This summer is the perfect time to try out some new accessories. Perhaps you are someone who has always been a bit skeptical about using accessories in your outfit. Or perhaps you are a seasoned veteran, who will spend hours adorning yourself with lavish trinkets.

This lockdown has hit smaller businesses hard. So that is why we recommend you look at investing in some handcrafted accessories from smaller, independent businesses. Head down to a local market and browse their wares. Shop on Etsy or through any of the independent seller websites.

The great thing about accessories is there is no one right way of using them. You can go all out and wear extravagant make-up paired with matching jewelry and hairstyles. Or you could keep it simple with a watch and necklace combination. The possibilities are literally endless. So flex your creative muscles this summer.


The most important thing to remember is this. Even if lockdown ends, we won’t be out of the woods. This pandemic has shown us we need to be cautious and pro-active with our health. So wash your hands, keep your distance, and stay safe out there.

Fashion Accessories: A Complete Guide to Spicing Up Your Outfit

2020 is gone. And no one will miss it. A rollercoaster year full of heartbreak and dismay. So it is no surprise that a lot of people are looking to make 2021 a much more positive year. Even if we haven’t fully returned to normal yet, we can look ahead with hope and positivity.

And one way we can add a little color and joy into our lives is with the ever-reliable world of fashion. While the world has come to a halt, the world of fashion continues ever onwards. New styles being born in and out of lockdowns. New ideas being drawn up and models sporting the latest trends. It’s all still happening.

Of course, in this trying time, it can be difficult to get full new outfits. So we are going to be looking at an area of fashion that has been thriving in lockdown. Accessories. Our guide is going to look at some of the hottest fashion accessories and how you can use them to really spice up your outfits. So when the world is back to normal, you can strut your stuff with confidence.



The breakout fashion item of 2020 is, without a doubt, masks. Stemming from the necessity to protect ourselves and those around us, you can’t go anywhere without seeing people sporting masks.

But humans aren’t content to just wear boring old simple masks. Since the pandemic began we have seen a surge in mask fashion. Everything from masks made of luxury materials, to something as simple as masks sporting a cartoon character or sports team logo.

And these masks can be a great fashion tool in the right hands. Using color coordination and some imaginative makeup, you can create a killer outfit. Especially when Halloween time rolls around once again. We predict masks are on track to become a fashion staple for years to come.



Nothing says class and sophistication like a nice watch adorned on your wrist. No matter your gender, body-style or fashion sense, there is bound to be a watch that can elevate your outfit to the next level. Nothing screams class and sophistication like a proper, hand-crafted watch.

A watch is more than just a timekeeping device. It is an eye-drawing tool. There is something about the simplicity and functionality of a watch that entices us to look. To pay attention. And it can make people pay attention to you too. We have a range of watch guides and reviews here that will help you find a suitable watch to go with your latest fashion style.

You could take it a step further and mix your watch with jewelry to create something that will really make you stand out from the crowd. Diamond studded watch-face. Emerald chain links. Ruby clock-face? These are extravagant ideas but we say go hard or go home.



We briefly mentioned makeup in the masks section. But we need to discuss it further. Makeup isn’t anything new. But in recent years we have seen a massive change in the way make-up is being used.

You need only browse through YouTube to see the hundreds upon hundreds of make-up tutorials where these artists create some of the most stunning and awe-inspiring looks we have ever seen.

Instagram is home to a lot of talented individuals who use makeup to turn themselves into cartoon characters or famous celebrities. You would be forgiven for thinking they are using actual magic to transmute themselves.

So maybe you should make 2021 the year of make. And don’t think there are any gender restrictions here either. Make-up artistry transcends typical gender norms. So be brave, grab a palette, and start experimenting. You never know what you might create with a little bit of time and perseverance.



This made the list as I am a huge fan of a good scarf. No matter the weather. Sunny or Rainy. Hot or Cold. There is a scarf for any situation. And it is about time scarves made a comeback.

They are one of the most versatile fashion items around. A lot of different cultures have scarves as a major part of their signature fashion. From hand-knitted scarves made by loved ones to luscious scarves made from the finest satin, there is bound to be something to match with your outfit to help you stand out.

We recommend you experiment with a few different scarves to find what works for you. Perhaps a long number, like a famous Time-Travelling alien. Or maybe a small, dainty silk scarf designed to pair with your color scheme. Whatever you select, you cannot possibly go wrong when it comes to scarves.

What Are The 15 Style Tips That Every Woman Should Know?

When it comes to style nobody wants to compromise on the same as it is a basic and important key feature that enhances the personality of an individual or a group. The style has a different meaning and it differs from person to person. The confidence and attitude of a person require another thing to increase the personality to a top-level. When you think of style, you can think of fashion, accessories, makeup, but it is a bit different from all these things.Does being stylish matters these days? What are the various taps in which every woman can be more stylish?

What is style?

Style is a person’s expression of his inward self. When you are doing things or presenting them in a fancy manner, it tends to represent your style. Style can also be defined as different ways of representing the same thing. The art of doing something in your way is known as style. Style is not only expressed through our clothes but through the way we talk, how we move, the car we own, the people we hang around with, the places we go, our tastes, and all our communication.

What is the difference between fashion and style?

These two words look the same but these are different. Fashion is an industry that changes with time, with the season, with interest, etc. It changes every year, every decade. According to the changing trend, people tend to change their fashion. Women are most passionate about new fashion and like to do shopping with changing trends.

The style of an individual comes from inside and it is not affected by the changing trend in the market. What if everyone wears the same clothes, carries the same hairstyle, same hair color? It simply looks boring and you will look like clones of each other. Everyone has a unique and different style. The only thing which is essential for everyone is to accept their uniqueness, whether in matters of skin colon, figure, or talent. There are many style icons. People remember you by your style. They admire your specialty and remark your special things.

Importance of style

There are many reasons why you should hold your style and not try to copy anyone else. The following are the reasons for why is style so important-

  • It expresses your personality- Every Person has a separate and unique style that defines his or her personality. It makes you an icon because you are the one for a particular style which no other person possesses.
  • It makes you a style icon- When you express in your style without copying, you can better perform your role and people are there who may admire your style and making you their style icon-.
  • It makes you feel confident- When you show off your unique style, you may feel confident as your Personality is enhanced by your original style.
  • You can attract more people- Having and showing your style can help a person in attracting other people towards them and this can bring various opportunities for them.
  • Flaunt in your style- As every person has a unique style, so never copy others and try to show who you are, what can you do, and what are the special things in you.

How to find your personal style?

The following are the few important tips which you can use to enhance your person style-

  • Get Inspired– When you try to determine your style, inspiration is the important key. Whether you get inspired by a person or any website or any quotes, try to get inspired and look out the positivity in each individual and try to adapt to that habit.
  • Reduce the clutter- When you have tons of inspiration and idea of the type of work you want to start wearing, it’s time to reduce the clutter. Have a clear vision of who are you and what you want to be.
  • Plan your looks and wear them– Style and fashion are interlinked, once you understand your inner style, it is time to show off your outer style. So decide the best outfit for yourself and wear them.

15 style tips that every woman should know

There are certain important style tips that every woman should know. The following are the few of them-

  • Make your closet clutter-free- Always try to organize your closet Every time you find it to be unorganized.
  • Make a perfect combination of your top and bottom- Make a good color blend between your top and bottom.
  • Invest for a perfect style- Never invest in the style which doesn’t make you feel comfortable.
  • Make a fitting room- When you prepare a fitting room for yourself, you can know the best color that matches you and change it accordingly.
  • Plan for more creative colors- When after preparing a fitting room, try to mix different colors and wear them to get the best idea about the blend of colors.
  • Find colors that match with your skin tone- Always find the best color that matches your skin color and looks bright on your skin.

  • Try to use jackets- Jackets are nothing that can go well with any type of clothes you wear. It is multipurpose in its Function.
  • Buy the best quality scarf- A scarf can completely change the style of a person. It can be used with any outfit and it goes well in every look.
  • Make use of fewer accessories- Never use bright, heavy, and embroidered accessories. You may not feel comfortable in it.
  • Never dispose of your skin- Try to cover your skin as much as possible. It is important in two ways, it can protect your skin and makes you feel confident.
  • Make your styling kit- Make a compact and small style kit that you can carry anywhere.
  • Don’t use heavy makeup- Always try to use light makeup because these contain chemicals that can harm your skin.
  • Always keep a multi-purpose shirt with you- Try to carry a shirt that can go well with any color.
  • Make a pre-planning about your outfit- ways plan what you are going to wear in those days when you don’t get time to choose.
  • Buy clothes that are comfortable for you- Never prefer cheap quality clothes as they might not be made of good quality fabric. Choose clothes that are comfortable for you.

Before choosing the best fashion for you, you should know about yourself, how you can change your personality. When it comes to personality, the term style develops. Your style put an impact on other people’s minds about you. So, everyone should learn to respect their style.

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