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Know About 5 Fashion Tips To Have Great Style On A Budget

With the change in time, there is a change in personality whether it’s men or women. You can’t compare today’s generation with their forefathers because with a change in time, there is also change in fashion sense and no person can survive without having even a piece of basic knowledge about fashion. You must be wondering, what is fashion? Why is it so important?  And how to enhance your fashion style with few tips. But the main thing that comes in between all these questions is budget! Do you need to become bankrupt for maintaining your fashion and personality? The simple answer to the shocking question is, No. Because it’s super easy to choose the things that go with the trend meanwhile doesn’t hurt your pocket. Before discussing the fashion tips it’s important to know what a fashion is and what is its importance?

What is fashion?

Fashion has several definitions and it depends upon the idea, vision, and mentality of each individual. Fashion is not about the expensive shoes that you wear and not about trendy clothes. Fashion is about expressing yourself. Fashion is beauty and accepting your imperfection is the perfect fashion. The specialties that make you beautiful.

The different style in fashion has gone through innumerable changes over time. Fashion can also be defined as the new clothing according to the trend. It can define your personality and your knowledge about the present fashion trends and fit different fashion on different occasions. Fashion is related to lifestyle and Lifestyle is the interest, opinion, behavior of an individual, or a group.A fashion accessory is a materialthat helps you to enhance your personality and contribute to the wearer’s look. It is often used to complete an outfit and it should match with the individual’s look.

Why is fashion important?

As it is known to everyone that first impression matters, so the question arises whether fashion also matters? One of the best ways to make a great impression in any field is by enhancing your fashion knowledge. Fashion is important because of the following reasons-

  • Assumption

People are going to make snap decisions about you when they first meet you. So, why not mitigate the risk of them perceiving is in the wrong way? So to avoid the wrong notion of people about you, you should have a better fashion sense.

  • Dress to impress

People assume your capabilities based on your first look. When you dress well, you are going to attract the attention of many people and your dressing sense can put an important impact on your interviews, first meets, etc. So for dressing yourself in the right way, you should have some fashion sense that can help you in every situation.

  • It increases your confidence

If you look extremely presentable and showing off the positive vibes, then you are attracting various opportunities towards you. When you look good, you feel good because you can walk with confidence. You don’t need to worry about what others will think after seeing you.

  • Attention to detail

When you start paying attention to what you are wearing and all the little details surrounding it then that is also going to Cary over in other areas of your life. When a person looks good, you are going to remember that person’s details like their name, face structure, etc. Dressing well is an activity that will give you a. Final perception of everything around you, work person, or any other thing.

  • When you are well-dressed, you command authorities

Having a good fashion sense allows you to enjoy your life. A sharp-dressed man quickly realized his authority. If you want to look like a boss, You need to dress up like a fashion. This is where fashion plays an important role. So having a good fashion sense can take you a long way.

5 Fashion Tips To Have Great Style On A Budget

There are some tips which everyone should know is how to spend minimum money on your clothes and still look good. If you want to look good, you should have a perfect color sense and how to match your shirts with your pants. The following are the 5 tips on how to look expensive in the budget-

  • Look after your clothes

When you look after your clothes, respecting them, then they are going to help you in many ways. Taking care of your clothes can help you to look more expensive and your clothes will last longer.

  • Less is more

Always follow the rules of less is more. When you think to look expensive on a minimal budget, then you need to wear less and flaunt more. When you use many accessories, it certainly not loon decent. So try to be simple and get a clear vision of fancy colors and crazy patterns. Use neutral colors, always try to use contrast colors that look good on your body.

  • Know More about the blend of colors

When you have a monochromatic outfit, you make you look more expensive and stylish. If you don’t know about the blend of colors- that shoots you then do various experiments with different colors.

  • Opt for minimum Jewelry

Never prefer loud and dainty jewelry, it may badly affect your outfit. You can use cheap jewelry as they look more decent and can easily come within your budget.

  • You don’t need a designer and embroidered clothes

Designer clothes can no way make you look more expensive. Always prefer those outfits with which you are comfortable and embroidered clothes can never make you feel comfortable.

Hence, Fashion is an inspiration that teaches you to love yourself irrespective of whether anyone is loving you or not. Your body figure, tall, short, fat, or thin, nothing matters if you know who you are and you don’t need anyone to know who you are. There are many tips which you should know to look good and enhance your personality. Try to be one step ahead of others in matter of fashion.


Hey curvy girls all over the world,
My week started off in the most interesting way I could ever imagine. What was meant to be the outdoor photoshoots for the pre-fashion show was promptly canceled, while I was already on location. Why? Gophers. Up until this point I had never seen a real one. Now I was seeing a whole pack of them. For those that don’t know, gophers are a big issue as they can cause structural issues with the ground itself. So setting up all the equipment and posing on the ground was risky as it could collapse at any time. And apparently, they are riddled with pests. Getting rid of gophers is actually quite an interesting experience, but I won’t go on about it right now. You can read more about it here instead. We need to get into fashion. So cut to a week later at the start of the fashion week!


Today I had two shows this morning which was Norma Kamali and and menswear line Rochambeau. I decided to wear a pleated open sleeve dress from H&M. This weekend I tweeted that I had a good find day at H&M. Everything I tried on looked great. However, out of all the pieces I picked up I was quite intrigued by this pleated midi dress. It really isn’t my style. I like my dresses to hit at or above the knee, but for some reason I was attracted to this dress. I love the blush pink color and how it flatters my skin tone. I also love how the open sleeves drape over my arms.



I’ve said on this blog numerous times that just because a store doesn’t carry a full plus line doesn’t mean you can’t fit it. This dress is a size 14 and let me tell you, I haven’t been a size 14 in about 3 years. I am about a size 18 now and this dress fits me better than some of my pieces from actual plus size stores. So, remember that it’s very important to try things on you never know.

To complete my look I went for vintage style accessories. I chose over sized shoulder skimming earrings from Aldo’s, a tassel necklace from Loft, a vintage bracelet from my mom, a satchel tote from H&M, and my fuchsia BCBG peeptoes. I received many stares as I road the D train to Lincoln center and once I hit the steps of Lincoln center I received compliments from my fellow fashion lovers.

What do you think about this look for me?




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