Fashion Accessories: A Complete Guide to Spicing Up Your Outfit

2020 is gone. And no one will miss it. A rollercoaster year full of heartbreak and dismay. So it is no surprise that a lot of people are looking to make 2021 a much more positive year. Even if we haven’t fully returned to normal yet, we can look ahead with hope and positivity.

And one way we can add a little color and joy into our lives is with the ever-reliable world of fashion. While the world has come to a halt, the world of fashion continues ever onwards. New styles being born in and out of lockdowns. New ideas being drawn up and models sporting the latest trends. It’s all still happening.

Of course, in this trying time, it can be difficult to get full new outfits. So we are going to be looking at an area of fashion that has been thriving in lockdown. Accessories. Our guide is going to look at some of the hottest fashion accessories and how you can use them to really spice up your outfits. So when the world is back to normal, you can strut your stuff with confidence.



The breakout fashion item of 2020 is, without a doubt, masks. Stemming from the necessity to protect ourselves and those around us, you can’t go anywhere without seeing people sporting masks.

But humans aren’t content to just wear boring old simple masks. Since the pandemic began we have seen a surge in mask fashion. Everything from masks made of luxury materials, to something as simple as masks sporting a cartoon character or sports team logo.

And these masks can be a great fashion tool in the right hands. Using color coordination and some imaginative makeup, you can create a killer outfit. Especially when Halloween time rolls around once again. We predict masks are on track to become a fashion staple for years to come.



Nothing says class and sophistication like a nice watch adorned on your wrist. No matter your gender, body-style or fashion sense, there is bound to be a watch that can elevate your outfit to the next level. Nothing screams class and sophistication like a proper, hand-crafted watch.

A watch is more than just a timekeeping device. It is an eye-drawing tool. There is something about the simplicity and functionality of a watch that entices us to look. To pay attention. And it can make people pay attention to you too. We have a range of watch guides and reviews here that will help you find a suitable watch to go with your latest fashion style.

You could take it a step further and mix your watch with jewelry to create something that will really make you stand out from the crowd. Diamond studded watch-face. Emerald chain links. Ruby clock-face? These are extravagant ideas but we say go hard or go home.



We briefly mentioned makeup in the masks section. But we need to discuss it further. Makeup isn’t anything new. But in recent years we have seen a massive change in the way make-up is being used.

You need only browse through YouTube to see the hundreds upon hundreds of make-up tutorials where these artists create some of the most stunning and awe-inspiring looks we have ever seen.

Instagram is home to a lot of talented individuals who use makeup to turn themselves into cartoon characters or famous celebrities. You would be forgiven for thinking they are using actual magic to transmute themselves.

So maybe you should make 2021 the year of make. And don’t think there are any gender restrictions here either. Make-up artistry transcends typical gender norms. So be brave, grab a palette, and start experimenting. You never know what you might create with a little bit of time and perseverance.



This made the list as I am a huge fan of a good scarf. No matter the weather. Sunny or Rainy. Hot or Cold. There is a scarf for any situation. And it is about time scarves made a comeback.

They are one of the most versatile fashion items around. A lot of different cultures have scarves as a major part of their signature fashion. From hand-knitted scarves made by loved ones to luscious scarves made from the finest satin, there is bound to be something to match with your outfit to help you stand out.

We recommend you experiment with a few different scarves to find what works for you. Perhaps a long number, like a famous Time-Travelling alien. Or maybe a small, dainty silk scarf designed to pair with your color scheme. Whatever you select, you cannot possibly go wrong when it comes to scarves.


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