Get The 5 Fashion Tips That Complement Your Body Type

In the world of fashion, everyone wants to on a perfect fashion. There are many types of fashion coming from generation to generation. Many people in search of being on best fashion degrade they fashion due to their body type. They think that if someone is looking good in one fashion, he/she will also look in the same way but in reality, everyone has their unique body shape.People who want to have perfect fashion for their body type then follow the article till the end, we are going to tell you about the 5 fashion tips for the best application of it onto your body type.

What is fashion?

Fashion is the style of dressing up your body from top to bottom. It embraces your body by making it look beautiful. It not only includes clothes but also includes makeup, footwear, hairstyle, and accessories. These all thing need to be done effectively to look good otherwise, it will have a contrasting effect on looks of your body. Every person has a unique way of adapting to fashion but now one can look good by copying someone’s fashion, which is the best feature of it.

5 fashion tips which everyone has to look

The way you present yourself much important than any other thing, so follow the below tips for having the best fashion that complements your body type:-

  • Knowledge of measurements

All the people who are fashion addict need to know their body measurements. This measurement includes body height, length of shoulder, length of your lower body from waist to toe, measurement of the waist, chest measurement. This measurement should be done through measuring tape with the aid of a person to measure it on your behalf and note it down somewhere. After having the full-body measurement the person has to choose the type of dress which can look good in such body type.

They can look good when they are chosen the correct dressing, with other accessories. A person didn’t need to choose the colour combination which is in contrast to their body colour which will look shabby. The body has also different shape person to person but each body type looks good only when it is attached with correct fashion sense. If you want to follow any fashion style follow the person fashion who has a similar body type which you possess.

  • Proper fitting:

There are different sizes of things available for all body type which need to be taken into consideration. Choose the size of things that will be going to be attached to your body based on the size and shape your body possesses. If you choose the size which is larger than what is required by your body, then it will not embrace the original look of your body. And if you choose the small size of things which is required then this might not look good to others. This is a very important part of your perfect fashion.

Most of the people are found shopping for clothes without mapping its size, it is done due to a lot of enthusiasm of the people towards shopping. They purchase either larger size of smaller size without even trying in the store. There are some dresses which after washing got shrunk therefore the quality of it need to be checked before buying.

  • The pairing of dress

Wearing the proper matching dress is very much important for your fashion style. This is one of the fashion technique in which, the person by wearing proper paired clothes for the top and bottom will make the person look slim and lean. This technique works on the principle of wearing loose clothes for top and tight clothes for touser and visa a versa. The proportion of top and bottom should not be equally matched otherwise, the fat person will look fat and the slim person will look slim. This technique is adopted by many fashion designers for embracing the look of the person.

For example, if the fat person is wearing a loose t-shirt and tight touser(here tight doesn’t mean too tight, it should be fit) his or her fatness will not embrace though the best dressing style. This can also be possible that the person is wearing tight for the top and loose for the bottom, but is recommended for the fat person to wear the visa a versa of it.

  • Waistline to be highlighted

The person who wants to make their waist noticeable they need to highlight it correctly. There are different ways of highlighting your waistline. Most of the people in highlighting their waistline wear their dress in an improper manner which instead of highlighting degrades their fashion. There are three ways by which you can highlight your waistline. First is wear the trouser in your waist with proper fitting and measurement, you can visit a tailor for proper measurement and fitting of your trouser. The second method is colour blocking, in which the person needs to highlight the colour of the whole dress in the waistline. The third method is wearing the top high neck which will draw the attention of people to lower body which will highlight the waistline the most.

If the person doesn’t follow the above steps he/she may not be able to highlight the waistline the most. This can be understood with an example,  In the third method if the person wears low neck clothes, then the upper body means face will be highlighted the most.

  • Makeup and accessories

This is one of the important points in looking fashionable. If the makeup is not good, all the clothes which you wore may go in vain. The makeup highlight need to be under the colour of cloth which we wore otherwise, it will have a contrasting effect.

All the accessories should be there with us, these may include watches, shoes, bracelet, neckless etc. These should be worn with proper match with the clothes.

The above fashion tips might help you in embracing your looks that complement your body.


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