The 7 Biggest Names in Women’s Fashion as of 2021

The past year has been a whirlwind. The global pandemic came out of nowhere and shook up everything. Mass lockdowns. Social Distancing. Working from home. And with this, the world of fashion took a hit. People didn’t have to bother dressing up. People shopped less and focused more on ways to stave off boredom. Making their own masks. Baking banana bread.

But with 2021 we have seen some parts of the world open up again. Life is starting to return to normal in some countries. And with it, we are seeing the fashion industry take off as people are going on shopping sprees in preparation for returning to the outside world. So, we have teamed up with xinghaoya and Womensense, two leading brands in feminine culture, to figure out the 8 biggest names in women’s fashion this year!

These brands are in no specific order. We are simply listing the most popular brands, rather than getting too bogged down in the numbers and sales.


One brand that didn’t do that badly during the pandemic was Nike. The famous tick brand is known around the world for producing quality sportswear. And the pandemic saw a lot more people taking up running and setting up home gyms. To that end, sports brands have managed to do quite well in the pandemic. And Nike is one of the brands that has come out on top.

The great thing about Nike is that their clothes are not only sports functional but are also quite fashionable too. The brand is instantly recognizable as being one of quality and their clothes are comfortable and versatile. Plus their women’s range is staggeringly diverse.


Gucci is, without a doubt, one of the most recognizable premium fashion brands on the planet. So much so that their name has become synonymous with something being good. Everything is Gucci, as the saying goes. And the pandemic has not slowed them down either. They are still on top form and are set to only become more popular than they ever were before now people are wanting to splash their cash and show off their style.


A powerful brand founded by a powerful woman. Versace is famous for its stylish outfits and its luxurious scents. Their boutiques are known for being celebrity hotspots in some of the most bustling cities in the world, like NYC. In recent years the company has been spearheading many initiatives attempting to bring women into the forefront of the business world too. All while producing quality fashion that still takes the world by storm time after time. And we can’t see them slowing down anytime soon.


Moving over to the cheaper end of the fashion spectrum, ASOS has been making waves and booming during the pandemic. They don’t create a lot of their own clothes but instead provide a platform to bring lots of smaller companies together to provide a varied and diverse catalog of clothes to their customers. Paired up with efficient shipping and returns policies. It is no surprise that ASOS is crushing it and will most likely continue to crush it far into the future.

Jack Wills

One of the most popular brands in the United Kingdom, Jack Wills has been producing fashion for men and women alike for years. Their high-quality clothes range from casual everyday wear to more fashion-focused items. Jack Wills did take a bit of a hit during the pandemic, but with the clubs and bar re-opening it is no surprise they are already on their way back to the top of the fashion industry with many flocking to their stores to get their next summer outfit.


The brand that the devil wears. Prada has been consistently one of the leading fashion brands for as long as we can recall. Not just because their clothes are always top of the range, but they also are trendsetters in what’s hot in the fashion world. Chances are if a new trend emerges, Prada will have had their hands in it. So much so that their name has become synonymous with quality and style. If something is good, it can be considered ‘Prada.’

Their clothes do sit at the higher end of expensive of course, which is to be expected of a brand producing such high quality. So while they are one of the top brands, they aren’t one of the more accessible ones out there.

Ralph Lauren

During the pandemic, we saw a rise in the idea of making 2020 onwards the new roaring twenties. Recapturing the idea behind the great gatsby parties. Extravagance and decedance. Drinking champagne and dancing the nights away. And no brand typifies this idea more than Ralph Lauren. It may be one of the more expensive luxury brands, but they manage to capture the essence of the past in their outfits. Retro-chich modernized to stand out and blend in at the same time. Vintage without being vintage.

Ralph Lauren is one of the most familiar brands in the world, so it is no surprise they are still doing so well post-pandemic. But we are expecting big things from them in the coming years.


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