The 7 Easy Summer Fashion Tips That Will Make You Stand Out

A new season brings a new set of fashion trends with it and summer is the time when you can rock your bikinis, sexy shorts and cute crop tops. So what COVID-19 has played a spoilsport? It doesn’t mean we should not be updated in Fashion trends. So here are a few ideas that you can use to stand apart in the crows and be a head-turner. Let’s up our fashion game with these cool tips.

The fashion tips for women

1) Gingham Dress and sandal

Nothing gives you a col casual breezy look like a flowy Gingham dress. There are several styles in it available such as plaid, checkered, with plunging necklines, stripes and florals. Use bright coloured accessories and you are ready to rock the summer. A chic handbag or a bold coloured purse will make you pop.

2) Polo Shirt

These are back in trending fashion! The flattering fit and huge variety of colours are making them popular among women. Also, they are perfect for both the outdoors and the office. They are very comfortable to wear and does not take a lot to take care of it.

3) The classic button-down shirt

Classics never go out of style like the little black dress, a white button-down shirt, floor-length gowns and plunging necklines. They are called classics because they have stood the test of time and came out victorious. They have gone through the tumultuous changes in the industry and proved their place. The white button-down shirts are made from breathable fabric and can be used to dress up or to dress down according to the occasion one has to attend. You can either go for the blues denim or go for white denim and keep the accessories simple.

4) Neon-coloured clothes

If you are a woman who is not afraid of sashaying around in bold colours like neon pink, yellow or green, then this trend is for you. Neon colours are dominating the fashion scene and an increasing number of women are boldly taking up these colours. One needs a rock-solid attitude to pull off these colours.This is also because celebrities are rocking cool outfits in these colours.There are crop tops, jumpsuits, lightweight jackets, one piece in several neon shades.All bold sexy women out there, its time to do your thing and make the heads turn!

5) Jumpsuits

If you cannot spend a lot of time in deciding between the outfits, then make sure you a couple of jumpsuits. They are practical, sexy, chic and can fit any occasion whether it is an office or a date night. It is your ‘one and done’ outfit. To keep the temperature down, try its cousin, the romper. Also, stick to minimum accessories so that you don’t come across as too loud.

6) Short suits

Want to add a dash of style to your office wear? Try short suits. Make your power suits fit for summer by opting for its sister – the short suits. They are made from dressy shorts. Wear it with a complimentary blazer and you are ready to walk into the meeting and show who runs the business.

7) Sundress

This can never go out of style. Pair the sundress with a woven tote bag, strappy sandals and you are the very picture of a summer romance! Opt for bright colours, floral prints and knee or calf-length dresses.

Fashion tips for men

Why should women have all the fun when it comes to fashion? Summer fashion is not just women; it is also about men rocking some cool designs and catching the eye. So here some great ideas for the other half of humankind.

1) Swing the 90s look

Muted colours, athletic wear and the anti-fashion aesthetics are back in trending. Loose-fitting jeans, multicoloured windbreakers and the graphic T-shirts are very much back in vogue. Choose the retro print for the graphic T-shirt. Choose the hooded jackets that have a colour-block design.

2) Mix it up with funky prints

Funky prints will never go out of style because of their unique stand-apart factor. Men who are not afraid of funky prints can try out the floral motifs and bold designs. Jazz your summer with these cool prints.

3) Beach fashion

If you cannot go to the beach, then bring the beach to your home. The Hawaiian print is admittedly a bit tacky to pull off so go for it if you have enough courage. If done right, you will look cool and sexy. One needs to make them contemporary and tone down the garish factor. You can accessorize it by wearing a bucket hat, aviator glasses especially the pilot frames. These frames are classic. You can use chino shorts. They are fun and practical.

4) Bermuda pants with a blazer

Summer is all about comfort and long pants are not very comfortable during the hot sticky summer. So why not try out the Bermuda pants? Pair these summer shorts with a vest and a blazer and you are ready to walk into your office. This style is the happy marriage of casual and office looks. They are perfect for work events or a fun date.

5) Customised tailored shirts

If you are ready to spend some serious money, then this look will be perfect for you. It is time to discard the skinny and extra-slim shirts. A new standard for making shirts for men is in. It is all about slouchy separates, use of two or more fabrics in the same shirt and enlarged fits. This follows the avant-garde fashion for men.

6) Monochromatic shirt and pants

Pair your shirt with the same coloured pants and look stunning. This is quite an old-style but never went out of fashion.

7) The American prep

These were brought to the forefront by the Ivy League Athletes. Pair striped rugby polo shirt with coloured chino shorts. One can use Gingham shirts as well.


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