What to Wear When You Are Short?

Height is one of the things we’re not in charge of. This is a hereditary privilege not exchangeable. Yet we can still work out our dressing by our form of the body. Fashion can make or break one ‘s personality. Often it seems as if the fashion industry is against all shorter individuals. It may happen because some of you could be bringing wrong patterns. A great stylist in fashion is the one who knows who should wear what. It becomes difficult to choose what is appropriate among various trends, so just know what not to do and get a flawless appearance that makes you look bigger and more attractive.

From avoiding to choosing, dressing plays a major role. The following tips are for all the women who blame their clothes for not making them appealing.

Cropped Tops:

Instead of basic Tees, invest in cropped tops with a great pair of high- waisted jeans. Cropped pieces can elongate your look and makes you look slimmer. It will add some dimensions to your appearance.

Vertical Stripes:

Vertical stripes work great when you want to elongate your appearance. Horizontal stripes generally widen your look and make you look shaggy so it is better to avoid them.

Do Not Wear Prints:

By this, it is simply meant to avoid them generally. Prints appear to be delusional and create a smaller figure while solid colors or plains give more statements to your presence.

Tight Fitted Jeans Instead of Baggy Ones:

If you’re short and plum baggy trousers will make you look like a potato. So, cut all the baggy pants out of your wardrobe and fill the space with tight fitted denim or narrow trousers. Those will give your legs a sleek look and make them appear taller.

Short Flayered Skirt Instead of Maxi Ones:

When you wear maxi skirts or dresses they make you appear stout. Flowing maxi skirts have the ability to restrict your shorter appearance while the total opposite shorter skirts make the legs appear some extra inches.

Tight fitted A-Line skirts with plain shirts also align well when you choose to elongate your look.

High Waisted Bottoms:

Whether you opt for jeans, shorts, or skirts, always invest in high waisted bottoms. They will create an illusion of longer legs. In high waisted bottoms, the hips appear to be broad which automatically elongates the presence of legs.

A Perfect Pair of Heels:

With clothing, perfect footwear is demanded. So, when you get busy choosing the perfect outfits do not avoid heels. Heels are necessary if you want to enhance your height. Some preferable choices will be sandals with pencil heels, a pair of boots with block heels, and most importantly bellies with short sleek heels.

Women whether short or tall have many styles to opt, many fabrics to choose from and even the options of buying a variety of heels but shorter men do not have many options. Patriarchy doesn’t even leave men. If short, men are generally mocked. The one thing which doesn’t make any sense is having pride in being tall. What great would anyone has possibly done to be taller? So, when we are aware of the fact that it is needed for our clothes to be aligned to our personalities why not align them to compliment the appearance?

Here are some tips for shorter men to enhance their appearance:

Say No to Loose-Fitted Garments:

This does sound like a campaign slogan but it is an important factor to take in the note. Avoiding loose fitted clothes does not mean you have to wear all the tight fitted ones. There are majorly four points to keep in mind while choosing the fitting.

  • Sleeves should not be longer than your wrist,
  • Jeans or trousers must not collect around your ankles,
  • Jackets should stop around your waist,
  • And shirts should never look like a tent.

Vertical Stripes:

This point works best on both men and women. Vertical stripes are the easiest option to elongate your look and make you look taller. A pair of striped shirts with skinny jeans will work best. Checks should also be avoided as they generate a boxy appearance to your short and stout look.

Take Care of Color Contrasts:

Color combinations matter and of course one should be allowed to wear colors of his choice take note of this point too. Adding highlights to your height is only possible if you wear low contrast outfits meaning if you are going for a lighter shirt choose basic pants. Never contrast a bright color with a light one.

Avoid Bulky Outerwear:

Layering cannot be avoided in winters but stuffing the body with many layers will make shorter men look similar to a sack of potatoes. The trick is to wear insulated inners and good thermal undergarments which will keep them warm and on the top, a light weighted jacket would work great.

Shoes That Extend Height:

There is absolutely no way a man can wear heels but a perfect pair of shoes with thick soles or a little heel would suit well. Boots work great here and there is some kind of sneakers that have heels to boost the height.

With proper footwear, it is also advised to work on body posture. The recommendations for body posture would be to stand straight, align your shoulders together, and do not tilt on one side. The face should align with the chest and chest should be puffed out.

Being short is not supposed to make you feel any less of yourself. Fashion is not just about following the standards of height or elegance. It’s all about having your personality conveyed. To anyone, an important fashion tip will be never to compensate for your styling. Never limit your options because you feel like one feature of yours is going to be stepped up or that another may be overlooked.

There will always be judgments and critics but what matters is being comfortable with what you are. When you’re a guy who wants to wear floral vibes it’s your style and no one has the right to make you feel any less. Fashion and clothing are choices no one can take away from you.


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